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Home » Smithy’s Promotions to present live docu-series boxing this July 11

Smithy’s Promotions to present live docu-series boxing this July 11

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The coronavirus restrictions remain, the lockdown continues but TGW & Smithy’s Promotions Promoter Brendon Smith is turning up the lights for a fully catered, full broadcast studio set up boxing docu-series and LIVE Championship boxing.

“We might be down but we’re not out, coronavirus may have taken round one but we’re fighting back in round two,” Smith said.

“The lockdown restrictions we are all facing has brought a halt to a lot of events but I always believe there is a positive out of a negative so we’ve come up with this innovative idea.

“July 11 TGW & Smithy’s Promotions presents locked down lights up.

“We will have a small audience locked into our venue at Smithy’s TGW Gym – which will be transformed into a television studio – and we’ll be turning the lights up and broadcasting it to the World on through local broadcasting companies Digital Dynamics and Tanner Smith Videography and we’ll have James O’Shea and Joel Stower from the Semi-Pros hosting it.

“Between Zac Ford from Digital Dynamics, Tanner Smith from Tanner Smith Videography and James O’Shea from the Semi-Pros we’ve been working behind the scenes so we were ready to go once corona virus restrictions eased.

“Thanks also to Adam Watt and the team from Epicentre.Tv we have a terrific platform to beam this lock down event all over the World.”

The event will feature two professional bouts including an IBF Australasian title contest as well as two exhibition bouts as well as in studio interviews re-living some of the great fights hosted in the Garden City over the years.

“The main event will be Steven Spark defending his IBF Australasian title against Mick Whitehead and we will see the emergence of an outstanding prospect Jake Wyllie who will make his debut,” Smith said.

“I believe Steven Spark is a future World champion so this is an important step against Mick Whitehead who has everything to gain and nothing to lose and Jake Wyllie is the pride of Warwick and off the back of an outstanding amateur career is ready to flourish in the pros.

“In addition to the live boxing action we are also going to celebrate the legends of the sport in the Garden City.

“We’ve had so many amazing fights here in Toowoomba and many – the footage has never been seen so we want to use this opportunity to re-live some of the legendary battles that have taken place here.

“It’s a bit like a local version of the hugely popular ESPN Boxing series Legendary Nights.

“From Michael Katsidis’ journey from Charlton to the bright lights of Vegas, Kris George rising through the ranks knocking out Ozan Craddock in one of the most anticipated Queensland title fights ever staged as well as the first ever Commonwealth title fight held in Toowoomba against Cameron Hammond, Iron Will Young and his legendary battles for the Aussie title against the likes of Luke Jackson and Ben Warburton, who could forget the epic matches between Herman Ene-Purcell and Will Nasio.

“It doesn’t end there, the list goes on – we want to get these guys in the studio and re-live some of these great fights with James O’Shea and Joel Stower from the Semi-Pros.

“The event will be fully catered by De Dutch Cafe.

“I’m really excited by this proposition, it’s going to be a great event.”