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Boxing Monthly 1989 – 2020: Magazine ends after 31 years

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Boxing Monthly magazine has sadly become the latest print read to succumb to the internet generation after a run of over 30 years.

The respected UK-based publication was an integral part of a generation’s love affair with the sport through the 1990s and 2000s.

Following the online blast of 2010, Boxing Monthly soldiered on until the sad death of Editor Glyn Leach in 2014.

Visionary Leach had led the march as long as he could in an ever-changing news climate until passing the torch to the returning Graham Houston.

Alongside Mark Butcher, the pair continued a gallant fight until 2020 hit like a bombshell.

The writing was on the wall for Boxing Monthly and the somber decision was made to close down.

Expressing their thanks for fans for their continued support, Butcher and Houston made separate statements on Tuesday.

“I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and wishes. A monthly sports magazine should not exist in the internet era. But since Glyn Leach’s untimely passing in August 2014, we’ve worked tirelessly without any full-time editorial staff and ridiculously low overheads to give boxing aficionados a feature-driven magazine and carry the torch in Glyn’s memory.

“Just before he passed, Glynn told me he gave BM two years tops. He was already preparing for life after boxing.

“I think/hope he’d be proud we took it beyond that timeframe. He cared about BM so much. For me, it’s ongoing survival was always about him and what he stood for. RIP mate.” – Mark Butcher.

“When a publication dies, for some readers it’s like a little part of their lives is now missing. From responses received it seems that many feel that way about the death of Boxing Monthly.

“To all our loyal readers, heartfelt thanks.” – Graham Houston.

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WBN has been inspired by BM for many years and their many iconic front covers over the years will never be forgotten.

An integral part of the World Boxing News inception back in 2010, Boxing Monthly was a must-purchase for any avid fistic supporter.

The change in how news circulates is the only real reason for BM having to take stock, certainly nothing to do with the quality on offer.

In 2019, Houston was deservedly named the latest recipient of the Nat Fleischer Award for Excellence in Boxing Journalism by the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Houston and Butcher, who carried BM for those final few years, will hopefully find a new permanent home. Something they both richly deserve to do.

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