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Legend Manny Pacquiao doing his bit to tackle the pandemic

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Generous champion Manny Pacquiao is doing his bit to help in any way he can as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the world.

Filipino idol Pacquiao and Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, joined forces through their foundations.

The “Manny Pacquiao Foundation” and “Jack Ma Foundation,” will supply the Philippine health department with 50,000 Coronavirus detection kits.

Manny Pacquiao has provided a vital enabling tool for the population of the Philippines, in the struggle against the pandemic. It’s already left 142 infected and 12 dead in this region.

With this donation, the aim is to make a rapid detection of possible cases in the Philippines with the help of Jack Ma. With whom he has had a friendship for a long time and they`ve even trained boxing together.

On March 19, 2011, Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko knocked out Cuban Odlanier Solis in the first round to retain his World Boxing Council heavyweight title.

Solís injured his right knee when falling to the canvas, following the impact of a smarting right. The former Olympic fighter got up slowly but in wincing pain. So the Mexican referee Guadalupe García decided to end the fight there and then.

The Cuban needed help to return to his locker room. He was taken on a stretcher to hospital for a knee checkup. The sudden end caught the public by surprise.

They were expecting a longer bout. Solís, 30, with extensive experience as an amateur, suffered his first defeat in 18 matches as a professional.

Meanwhile, Klitschko, 39, improved to 42-2.

The WBC Has supported women boxing like no other organization in the world. We believe in the power of women.

We have shown this with facts such dedication to you as fighters. The WBC has organized 3 world conventions exclusive for women boxers, worked diligently with promoters and networks in order to develop benefits for women. To have a solid platform in social media.

The WBC instituted the Clean boxing program for women as well since June 2019.

An ambitious program of different levels who aims not only to identify doping cases but also to highlight information towards the dangers it may provoke using PEDs.

It is mandatory to enroll in the CBP for the champions and top 5 rated fighters. It is time for you to show your commitment to clean boxing.

Enroll as the alternative is to leave the rankings.