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Home » Steve Cunningham STUNS with Tyson Fury ‘floppy gloves’ theory

Steve Cunningham STUNS with Tyson Fury ‘floppy gloves’ theory

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Steve Cunningham has released a video demonstrating his alleged view that Tyson Fury used his gloves illegally for the first Deontay Wilder fight.

The American, who dropped Fury in their 2013 clash at Madison Square Garden, has recently been highly vocal regarding the controversy.

Following clips released, mainly by United States-based YouTubers, airing their views that Fury’s gloves were tampered with – Cunningham has now joined the debate.

At this point, Cunningham is siding with conspiracy. This is despite initially not believing what he was hearing.

Cunningham has joined several others in releasing a video on the current argument, going so far as to state it is possible to do what those YouTubers previously stated.

Steve Cunningham on Tyson Fury’s gloves

‘USS’ says Fury put his fist in the lower part of the gloves against Wilder in December 2018 to hit ‘The Bronze Bomber’ full force with his knuckles.

In the video, Cunningham threw several shots this way. He stated he felt no pain whatsoever. This debunked the thoughts of some who didn’t think it could be done without some injury.

Cunningham was only hitting a bag, and that scenario would be a lot different on a solid head.

Addressing viewers in the clip, Cunnigham said: “Who throws a hook like this? Slapping a hook? – Nobody. Nobody is taught to slap a hook like that.

“Why is Tyson Fury throwing a hook like this? – Especially at that level of boxing.”

The two-time cruiserweight world champion added: “Tyson Fury is literally pulling down (his glove) at some point in the fight. He’s letting his hand slip down, down to where the knuckles are not protected by any padding.

“Now you see he’s landing. In the video footage and pictures, he’s landing the shot on the chin with this (exposed) part of the glove, where there’s no padding.

“What does he get out of that? – He basically gets skin (from the face) on the bone (from the knuckles) – to an extent. Just this thin layer of leather.”


At the start of the video, Cunningham assures fans he’s not hating on Fury after previously helping ‘The Gypsy King’ in sparring after they fought.

Shortly after, though, the Philadelphian accused Fury of also using illegal moves to defeat him.

But this won’t go down well from the Fury side. And continues the awkward back and forth that has followed Fury since his victory.

The fact the evidence provided is not even from the second fight and has been available to view for over a year makes it all the harder to swallow for some.

Fury’s gloves were checked by officials in the dressing room, and the ring before the first bell. What Cunningham is now suggesting is that Fury did it during the fight.

Whether that will mean repercussions for Fury or Cunningham remains to be seen.