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Home » Ex-champ Ishe Smith suffers disgusting abuse for Tyson Fury stance

Ex-champ Ishe Smith suffers disgusting abuse for Tyson Fury stance

Former super-welterweight world champion and ‘The Contender’ star Ishe Smith has been the victim of shocking racial abuse on social media.

Taking to the platform in the wake of Steve Cunningham’s continued posts regarding gloves worn by ex-opponent Tyson Fury for the first Deontay Wilder fight, Smith gave his honest opinion.

Cunningham is sticking to his belief that something was up with Fury’s attire for the December 2018 draw.

In a series of video posts, Smith attempted to explain that is was highly unlikely Fury did anything wrong.

The first was himself on camera giving fans a visual of what he saw transpire.

Responses came thick and fast, with ‘Sugar Shay’ replying to some good, but mostly bad comments.

“Crazy, just give that man his props and move on,” he said on the whole debate.

As the back and forth began to feature racial undertones about Smith supporting a fighter of his own ethnicity, Smith’s mood then began to alter.

“If this was controversy was surrounding Wilder they would be saying it’s false and there is no way. I fought bare-knuckle, the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my hands.

“Barely made it out of the 3rd round. But you’re telling me he fought 12 rounds like this?

“I’m just gonna call a spade a spade here. Black fighters will do anything to discredit a white popular fighter.

“As much racism in this game that ain’t it. The glove controversy is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever fucking seen. A heavyweight fought with a glove half on?

“Any other time boxers tell fans you don’t know s—, you never fought before. Shut the F up, one fan makes a s—– video about a glove being half on, now this guy is the savior of the sport and knows everything.

“So which is it, does the causal fan know about the sport or not?

Ishe Smith abuse

“Like I said in my YouTube video, go to the gym. Hit the bag like that, spar like that, and hit the pads for 12 rounds. Check back with me, let me know how that s— feels.”

A short while later, two vile posts were aimed at Smith, which he himself chose to highlight. The content has no place in society.

“Me reading boxing fans calling me a c— (racial slur). Not knowing I’ve been on the front lines fighting injustice.”

Smith was also accused of not backing his own in Cunningham too, which he also addressed.

“Let me make one thing clear I have no beef with @usscunningham. I have been a fan of his in and out of boxing for a while.

“Also, I love what he and his wife do with their boxing gym for kids. We just have a different set of views on GloveGate. Doesn’t mean I respect him any less.”

Cunningham assured Smith everything was cool.

Bringing evidence of Fury’s gloves into the equation, Smith continued to support his claims.

“I guess Ali was trying to cheat like Fury. Who would have thought The Greatest of all time was fighting with the glove half on.

“No thumb attached as I mentioned in my YouTube video. Fury has mastered the art of fighting with his glove half on.

“I guess he hits the pads the same way. Look how that glove and wrist are flapping. He’s a master! Btw I’m being F’ing sarcastic. You see how F’ing ridiculous this s— sounds?”

Furthermore, Smith was accused of picking sides in the debate.

“They so mad, I picked a side??? They are no racial sides in boxing man. We’ve come a long way since the Louis vs Schmeling days.

“Wait do you even know about that? That might be too much history for an idiot.

“You making this about race is foolish. I never asked for the support anyway my man, kick rocks,” he said in reply to one horrible post as the same word used above was continually aimed at Smith.


In this day and age, for such a word to be thrown around like that is quite down heartening. Especially in the current uncertain climate.

Compassion and understanding of others should seriously be the order of the day, but sadly, even having a view others don’t want to accept can lead to the worst abuse imaginable.