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Home » Steve Cunnigham defended after trolling over Tyson Fury gloves view

Steve Cunnigham defended after trolling over Tyson Fury gloves view

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Deontay Wilder team member Malik Scott has jumped to the defense of Steve Cunningham after the ex-world champion was criticized for his comments on former opponent Tyson Fury.

Cunningham has expressed his views that something must have been dodgy about Fury’s gloves after several videos were shared on social media.

‘USS,’ one of the best cruiserweights of his day, once shared the ring with Fury. Cunningham knocked him down but eventually lost the bout.

Steven Cunningham

One of just a tiny few professional boxers to agree (to a certain degree) with accusations regarding Fury’s attire, Cunningham then faced a huge backlash from fans.

Scott felt the need to step in as Cunningham took plenty of stick for his posts on the subject.

“So Steve Cunningham, who’s a former world champion and also a man’s man that proudly served his country. He has no history of hating on anybody especially other fighters and gives his honest opinion on this whole Tyson Fury glove issue. People are now saying he’s hating or not making sense,” said Scott.

“Are y’all aware before this glove issue Steve has always had nothing but good things to say about Fury?  – As a matter of fact, I think he even went over to Fury’s camp to spar a couple of times. He helped them with their preparation.

“Y’all gotta stop saying people are hating. Just because they don’t dance to the same beat you dance to. I can see if he had no reason or visual proof to speak on this, but some of y’all acting like he’s just making up these allegations out of nowhere.

“This is not a racist thing or nothing like that. Steve is just a proven man in this noble art. He’s also a fan of the sport. He likes to see things done in a fair manner.

“I can only imagine what some on you would have been saying if these tables were reversed and there were allegations like this on Deontay.

“I can hear most of you humans now, ‘he should be banned for life’ and ‘That’s the only reason he was knocking people out’. Also, ‘The commission of Nevada should withhold his purse’ – etc..

“If just would be so much s— (Especially From Americans)

“Anyway, much respect to Steve Cunningham for speaking publicly on what he feels is right or wrong. Salute. #Humanssuck.”

Tyson Fury

Fury is yet to address the issue officially in any capacity. Although his former trainer Ben Davison pointed out the ‘Gypsy King’ was under the watchful eye of authorities at all times.

The fight most is focused on is not even the one where Fury stopped Wilder. It was the first meeting in which Fury almost got knocked out.

At this point, it seems the debate is continuing amongst some disgruntled by it and some absolutely dismissing it.