BKB star Tyler Goodjohn on what it’s like to be punched bare-knuckle

Tyler Goodjohn reckons bareknuckle boxing is too tough for a lot of pro gloved fighters.

Goodjohn has made a successful switch to bareknuckle boxing and his next fight is the sport’s biggest yet.

He challenges Jimmy Sweeney for his world lightweight championship at London’s O2 Indigo on Saturday, April 4.

Goodjohn has won all three bareknuckle fights after 18 outings as a pro gloved boxer – and wonders how many others could make the transition.

He said: “Pro boxers would all get in there thinking they are tough enough, but you don’t know until you’re in there.

“When you get hit, you have a split second to decide whether you want out or do you hit back ?

“In bareknuckle boxing, it’s all about how you react when you get hit.

“If you take a shot clean, get cut and your hands are like balloons with bruising, do you still want to carry on and win.

“You need a lunatic mentality – and I’ve got that.


“You can’t go into a bareknuckle fight thinking: ‘I won’t get hit, I will use my skills.’ At some stage in the fight, you will have to go toe to toe and that’s when you find out if you’ve got what it takes.

“I don’t care what anyone says, they are two different sports.”