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Home » ‘Boxing’s hardest worker’ has ‘lucky escape’ after ‘black ice’ road crash

‘Boxing’s hardest worker’ has ‘lucky escape’ after ‘black ice’ road crash

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The man they call ‘Mr. Boxing’, ‘The Lord of the Ring’ and ‘The Ring Master’ (among others), Mike Goodall reported a lucky escape on Sunday.

Goodall, who has been part of the sport in the UK for decades, was involved in a horror road traffic accident over the weekend.


Responsible for setting up countless boxing shows all over the country, Goodall has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for a number of promoters.

But on Sunday, Goodall admitted things could have taken a turn for the worse after the vehicle he was in lost control on a British motorway.

“Wow! –  A lucky escape tonight for myself and one of my staff,” explained Goodall. “(We) Hit Black Ice On the M5 returning from a show in Bristol at 70 mph.

“Lost complete control in the fast lane once we hit the verge rolled over twice before finishing in a field on its side, both of us.”

Revealing further details, Goodall stated there was more than one crash at the obviously dangerous hot spot.


“It was only about half a mile on a bit of high ground. (It went) from a little bit of drizzle to sudden ice. There were four accidents in 500 yds and we were the first,” revealed Goodall.

The boxing community soon rallied around, sending their best wishes to the Ringcraft Boxing Facilities Managing Director.

They included former IFL TV co-owner James Helder, coach Dave Coldwell and former world champions Stuart Hall and Tony Bellew.


Amazingly, Goodall was back to work the next day. He is already looking forward to his next show on March 15.


“Thanks for all the good wishes. I’m all good,” he confirmed on Sunday from his next assignment.

“Back to work with a White Collar Press Conference in Hammersmith for a big fight night on Sunday March 15th at Clapham Grand.”