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Promoter discusses new Contender VIP Fight Series concept

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The promoter behind The Contender VIP Fight Series says he wants to see even journeymen fighting their hearts out on his shows.

Mike Le-Gallez is a lifelong fight fan who spent his days “sitting around in his pants with nothing to do” after selling his business.

He turned his attention to professional boxing.

Le-Gallez says he got “fed up going to shows where I knew the result of every fight before the show even starts.

“I thought: ‘If I’m going to put on shows, I want to put on proper fights. I want to see as many 50-50 fights as possible.

“I don’t want to see journeymen not throwing any punches back. If they box on my shows, they have to fight.”

He came up with the idea of The Contender VIP Fight Series that gives prospects the chance to push their careers along and earn good money – by fighting each other.

Four fighters clash in two semi finals over six rounds, with the winners meeting over 10.

The overall winner of The Contender VIP Fight Series walks away with The Phil Martin Trophy and a bumper £10,000 pay day, while the losing finalist receives £5,000.

The first Contender VIP Fight Series produced knockout specialist Diego Costa and such was its success with audiences, Le-Gallez has had to find a bigger venue for his forthcoming welterweight tournament, that gets underway at Lancashire County Cricket Club’s Point venue on Saturday, April 4.

The capacity is 800 and Le-Gallez says his audience will get a full night’s entertainment.

He said: “I want our shows to be a night where you can take along your wife. We offer so much more than boxing. We have top musical acts and professional dancers to make it a night to remember.”

The next bill is topped by unbeaten Jimmy First bidding to take the Central Area lightweight title off Steve Brogan and The Contender VIP Fight Series brings together four fighters with winning records, including Liam O’Reilly, Luke Evans and Andrew Fleming.

Kevin Maree manages O’Reilly and describes The Contender VIP Fight Series as “a breath of fresh air.”

He said: “There aren’t that many opportunities for fighters looking to break through anymore.

“They got rid of the Masters titles and Challenge Belts and The Contender VIP Fight Series gives fighters the chance to be fast tracked and earn British-title money early in their careers.

“Liam hasn’t had that many fights, but wants to roll the dice – and this is perfect for him.”