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Tyson Fury’s gloves, Deontay Wilder’s heavy suit – only in Boxing

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Saturday night was a triumphant return to the heights of pure, unadulterated Pay-Per-View heavyweight boxing as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder went tooth and nail in Las Vegas.

A build-up not seen for years was followed by a jaw-dropping performance by Fury as he completely took apart an out-of-sorts Wilder.

Yet, in the days which have transpired since then, social media has turned the fight into a circus.

Everything any boxer says regarding the outcome, mainly Wilder, has been taken and ran with until its legs have fallen off. Anybody else feeling left out of that loop seems to have simply taken it upon themselves to make up new conspiracy theories.

The latest of those is that Fury was wearing ‘flappy’ gloves for the first fight. That he didn’t have his hands all the way inside – only in boxing.

Deontay Wilder’s suit

Let’s face it, added to Wilder’s suit remarks and detractors rushing back to 2018 to find a video where he stated he wears a similarly weighted vest in training and you have to wonder if people really have anything to do with their own lives.

Deontay Wilder
Mikey Williams

The truth is…two fighters got in the ring last weekend and they entertained the fans. The sport ultimately won. That’s all she wrote.

Fury took his opportunity to train like a demon with a new coach and subsequently came out on top in a 50-50 battle. Wilder was clearly not himself but has the chance to rectify in a third meeting.

All else just doesn’t matter unless the Nevada State Athletic Commission deems something worthy of investigation. At this point, they haven’t.

Gloves were checked, suits were hung up and we can now move on to Mikey Garcia vs Jessie Vargas this weekend. It’s been harsh on both boxers that the Fury vs Wilder fallout is still hanging over the event considerably with just two days to go until the first bell.

Social media is to blame. Those Chinese whispers stick around like a bad smell.

If Fury’s gloves were suspect, they would have been found to have been by the Commission. There are safety measures in place for that.

As for Wilder, he will get the opportunity to shut the mouths of those pointing and staring once the two fighters hit the ring again in the coming months.

In a nutshell, Fury vs Wilder is in the history books and was a barnstorming event. But let’s try to be realistic in the aftermath and give the next two boxers in line their spotlight.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.