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Home » Exclusive: Wilder vs Fury II can be Hagler vs Hearns – Audley Harrison

Exclusive: Wilder vs Fury II can be Hagler vs Hearns – Audley Harrison

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2000 Olympic Gold medalist Audley Harrison has aired his views on the forthcoming clash between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Harrison, who fought Wilder in his last bout before retirement in 2013, lasted just 70 seconds with the American.

Boasting first-hand knowledge of the power possessed by ‘The Bronze Bomber’, Harrison discussed this weekend’s massive Las Vegas clash.

Audley Harrison on Fury vs Wilder II

“People are getting carried away, saying Wilder only has the big right hand. But he’s the one that has put the challenge to Fury and Fury will know he’ll have to be perfect for 12 rounds to avoid Wilder’s speed and punches,” ‘A-Force’ pointed out exclusively to World Boxing News.

“On the other hand, Wilder will be aware he can’t rely on the one big punch this time, especially with Fury being so sharp this time.

“Wilder has to continue winning rounds whilst the fight is going on. Wilder and his team will have learned a lot from the first fight.

“It’s a great clash of styles, and if Fury gets knocked down, we’ve seen that’s not the end. Wilder will be aware he needs to nail him to the canvas. It’s not going to be a one-punch fight.

“Wilder has shown he’s great at recovering when he’s hurt. So, it’s going to be an interesting match-up and hard to pick a winner. It’s tough to predict, as this is a 50/50 fight and the first fight resulted in a draw, but no-one was complaining.

“One of them has got to separate themselves this time by getting a win. Wilder is going to be looking for a knock-out, but he knows it won’t be one knockdown that wins it. At the same time, Fury could outbox him and stay on the outside. Choose when to engage and win on points.

“If it’s a points fight, I think Fury will win, but if it doesn’t go the distance, Wilder will win by KO.”


Odds for the fight see Wilder a tight favorite after being the underdog for a long time.

Harrison is on board with both fighters predicting a fast KO.

“I can’t see an early finish,” said the Briton. “Styles make fights. And if you go back to Marvin Hagler vs Tommy Hearns.

“Hearns was the boxer and Hagler was the shorter guy attacking on the front foot. Although we’re talking about two taller guys, these are the great clashes of styles that are similar to this fight.

“Wilder is a puncher through and through, but he likes to set you up with the jab. So I can’t see this fight ending quickly and the first few rounds will see them both finding their distance and measuring punches.

“Fury fights by boxing in and out, moving around but Wilder likes to measure you with the jab first. Both had been taught how to fight as tall heavyweights, but there is a so much on the line and with the suitable hype.

“It’s unlikely, but there’s a slim chance that game plans might go out the window and they might both go for it early on and either of them could walk on to a big punch.”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.