George Groves makes stunningly accurate assessment of YouTube Boxing

George Groves

📸 Naoki Fukuda

Former world champion George Groves has joined the growing band of pure boxing lovers who are against a new virus infecting the sport.

YouTube Boxing has been taken off the video platform and given professional status in a stunning move of late.

Participants, who are basically non-celebrity presenters who can’t even box, have been pushed into the limelight simply for subscribers.

All events thus far featuring the ‘influencers’ have been a laughing stock compared to full-time and real pros, something Groves firmly agrees with.

“It’s horrific, it’s abysmal and it makes my skin crawl,” Groves told The Daily Mirror After The Bell on YouTube.

“I could get on board with the entertainment value but why is it called professional boxing? It’s so demeaning.

“How do you distinguish between (a 1-0-0 YouTuber) and Demetrius Andrade? They’re both professional boxers, both undefeated.”

Taking a clear swipe at those who choose to elevate the YouTubers alongside world champions and rising stars of the sport, ‘The Saint’ added: “It was billed (one fighter) against (another) as a laugh and a one-off but everyone knew it wouldn’t be. Where now does it end?

“That fight at the weekend was a complete joke, I watched it.

“Even if you want to put them on a pro show, great, but don’t call them professional boxers. It’s scary because people soon won’t be able to tell the difference.

“I don’t find any of it genuine. I’ve never been a fan of soap opera or wrestling and this is on par with that, none of it is real.”


WBN holds a similar stance to Groves. We also wish the whole charade would be dumped out of boxing at the earliest convenience.

There’s no way any fan who tunes in to see a presenter they follow on YouTube play FIFA or make practical jokes will ever find the art form we love as entertaining.

It’s a completely different notion and simply won’t happen. The sooner it gets in the bin, the better.

Well said, George!