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Home » Another YouTube boxing ‘clown show’ and real fighters are not happy

Another YouTube boxing ‘clown show’ and real fighters are not happy

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It’s no secret World Boxing News is dead against YouTube Boxing being showcased in the same capacity as the pros, something echoed by many on Thursday night.

As two no-hopers took the spotlight away from real fighters with proper dedication, heart, and skills, the sport once again sunk to the lowest low possible.

Again, having a mass of followers is no right of passage for anyone to be a professional boxer. If you could name one other sport which would allow this I’d be keen to listen.

But it’s not just me, there are plenty of others who would like these pretend boxers to begin their own company and stop riding on the back of a tested platform.

World champions, past and present aired their views on the farce as it went down like a lead balloon in Miami.

“Wish these YouTubers would do 1 & stay away from pro boxing. It’s cringeworthy to watch. I think they are making a mockery of our sport. If they want to box they should do separate events. 1st 1 was a bit of a laugh but this is just becoming a farce,” said unified champ Josh Taylor.

Multi-weight ruler, Abner Mares added his thoughts.

“I’ll Pay to never see a YouTuber box ever again. I’m ok With them doing Charity exhibition matchups/fundraisers. But as a Pro?”

“Bro WHAT THE F*** is going on in Miami? Clown show,” said Regis Prograis

Others involved in the sport, including friend of Tyson Fury and featherweight contender Isaac Lowe, were dumbfounded.

“How can you be in boxing, call yourself a boxing guy and be involved in something like this! The world has gone cuckoo! I’m embarrassed for my sport. I feel it for every TRUE fighter out there struggling to get a shot at the cash!”

“Disgrace to professional boxing that be for the fight him rapping in the ring with he’s arse out then u get them to fighting then all the WWE at the end after we put our lives into this sport Putting the sport down aw do the get a boxing license,” said Lowe.

Erickson Lubin: “This s*** is jokes.”

Mykal Fox: “Glad the circus is over.


Ex-title holder and all-around legend, Steve Forbes went one better than the rest and criticized the broadcasters for acting like those participating were actual boxers.

“How do you interview someone about a fight that has never actually been to a fight? Someone recently said that quality is outdated( I believe it in this day and time) c’mon @DAZN_USA
I really want to root for your product but you guys are making horrible mistakes with production.

“These YouTubers are not real fighters stop acting like it.  Please call it a fun sideshow to real boxing… I couldn’t imagine HBO, Showtime, ESPN or Fox doing this.”

All-in-all, it was quite a damning verdict. But one WBN knows for a fact will not stop this shambles happening again in a couple of months’ time.

Hopefully, common sense prevails sooner, rather than later.

The views expressed in this article are that of the Editor, Phil Jay.