One-year ban and $300k fine for biting boxer and shouting ‘Mike Tyson’

Ivan Redkach Mike Tyson Bite

📸 Amanda Westcott

Ivan Redkach has been fined $300,000 and banned for one year by the New York State Athletic Commission for his Mike Tyson style bite on former world champion Danny Garcia.

The pair battled last Saturday night as Garcia proved his superior class to out-point the Russian-born star in Brooklyn.

Garcia moved towards another world title shot, but not before Redkach had a little nibble at him, as ‘Swift’ explained.

“He bit me and said ‘Mike Tyson’,” said Garcia in his post-fight interview with PBC, pointing to when Tyson chomped on Evander Holyfield in 1997.

“I might be the second fighter in history to be bit, right? – Evander Holyfield and Danny Garcia, put me in the history books.”

“I just felt something digging into my skin, I thought a mosquito had got me.

“Then I look over and he’s biting me.

“He has new teeth too, he’s got some brand-new veneers, he was putting them bad boys to work,” he added.

The NYSAC has come down hard on Redkach with a punishment that garnered a mixed reaction among fans and boxers.

Commentator Al Bernstein was on the side of the ban and fine being harsh.

“While Redkach’s action in biting Danny Garcia was totally wrong and definitely merits a fine and suspension–taking away his whole purse seems way too harsh. That’s just not proportionate,” stated Al.

A further commenter agreed, saying: “Kash Ali only got a six-month ban for taking four chunks out of Price also getting DQ in the process.

“Don’t condone biting at all but surely Redkach ban is a bit severe if you take Kash Ali’s actions and ban into account.”


Another was on the side of the punishment handed out.

“Mike Tyson was suspended, fined and had his purse withheld.  Kash Ali was suspended, fined and had his purse withheld.  Ivan Redkach was suspended, fined and had his purse withheld. What am I missing?”

Redkach will not be eligible to fight until January 2021 unless he appeals. There’s also a slight problem with the monetary aspect.

Reports suggest Redkach has already cashed his check. It could now be tough to reclaim.