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The Most Google Searched Boxing questions answered

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Anyone who follows the sport of boxing has, and probably will again in the future, taken to Google for answers to their burning questions.

A simple ‘Boxing’ phrase in your keypad brings up a whole world of articles, news, opinions…and well, some dubious queries to boot.

So what are the most Google Searched Boxing questions in the world at present?

WBN takes a look and attempts to answer as many as possible…if there’s even a remote chance of that. And without looking at the answers given by Google themselves.

Here goes (with a little tongue in cheek).

Boxing Google Search


What is the point of boxing?

The point of boxing is to knock the other competitor out or score more points. To win titles or money.

Not quite sure who thought it was a good idea in the first place. If probably stemmed from a disagreement between two people. It always does.

What are the four styles of boxing?

Boxer, Puncher-slugger, Boxer-puncher, Defensive-boxer?

Alternatively, there’s Orthodox, Southpaw, Switch-hitter, and Prince Naseem Hamed (He had a style all on his own).

Who is the god of boxing?

There is no official ‘God’ of boxing. But Muhammad Ali comes pretty close.

Who is the hardest puncher in boxing history?

There’s a big debate on this since Deontay Wilder blasted his way to two superb victories in 2019.

Wilder has to be up there, alongside Mike Tyson and ‘Big’ George Foreman.

Don’t forget Butterbean, of course.

What is the most dangerous punch in boxing?

The liver shot is a pretty sickening one. But the most dangerous punch in boxing is usually the one that knocks you out.

Who won the fight Saturday night?

Joe Smith Jr. or Jaime Munguia. Many others too.

Is Boxing dangerous?

Stupid question.

Who is the most dangerous boxer in the world?

See question four. Pick the one still boxing today.


Another way to find out what kind of queries boxing throws up is to Google the ‘boxing is’ phrase.

Boxing is...

This throws up some classics like ‘Boxing is dead’ and ‘Boxing is not a sport’.

The main theme running through the list is the fact two of the ten say boxing is ‘fixed’ or ‘rigged’.

Others stating ‘Boxing is an art’, ‘Boxing is life’ and ‘Boxing is love’ are quite true. On the flip side of the fence are the searches which say, ‘Boxing is barbaric’ or ‘Boxing is like jazz’.

We’re not too sure about ‘Boxing is life gloves’, though. That’s anyone’s guess.

For us, Boxing is…number one.

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