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Home » David Seymour, Matt Windle to rematch on Feb 22

David Seymour, Matt Windle to rematch on Feb 22

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There’s a rematch of one of the best fights seen in a British ring last year in Birmingham next month.

‘Boxing News’ ranked the clash between David Seymour and Matt Windle for the vacant Midlands Area flyweight championship in November as the 10th best domestic fight of 2019.

Seymour went home to Coventry with the belt after winning a back-and-forth battle 96-94 and promoter Tommy Owens has announced they will meet again on his show at Aston Villa’s Holte Suite on Saturday, February 22.

Seymour said: “To be in the top 10 fights of the year is a great achievement.

“There were some great fights on that list.

“I knew the crowd loved the fight by the noise they made. They were on their feet throughout.”

For Windle, the rematch will be his third shot at the belt.

‘The Punching Poet’ felt he was unlucky in his previous title bids against Ijaz Ahmed and Seymour.

Seymour said: “Matt has gone on social media saying he thought he nicked our first fight.

“He’s either delusional or there’s something wrong with the tape he’s watching !

“I’ve watched the fight numerous times – and I won six rounds clearly.

“I boxed smart, I outboxed him.

“He hit my gloves a lot and maybe that’s why he thinks he won.

“The referee has the best view and he saw what was happening and he knows you don’t win rounds by hitting gloves.

“You only had to look at our faces afterwards to see who won the fight.

“He was bruised and I didn’t have a mark on me. I just had sore fists !”

Seymour says that for 29 year old Windle, the rematch is a make-or-break fight.

He said: “If Matt doesn’t win the title this time he will have to be thinking: ‘I’m 29 now, where do I go from here ?’

“This is probably his last chance. He needs to win. This fight will decide his future.

“That’s on his mind and I’m under pressure because I’m the champion and I’ve got a belt to keep or lose.

“I like Matt, he is a top, top guy, but I need to put this thing with him to bed once and for all.

“I just don’t think he has got what it takes to beat me.”