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New Wladimir Klitschko: The Evolution of Anthony Joshua

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Anthony Joshua being labeled ‘The New Wladimir Klitschko’ has caused a mass discussion about the future tactics to be employed by the Briton.

After witnessing a dull decade in regards to heavyweight title super-fights as Klitschko ruled supreme from 2005 to 2015, Joshua is tipped to take over a similar mantle.

Delicate whiskers, displayed in both fights with Andy Ruiz Jr. and others before that, including his own battle with Klitschko, could lead to a more permanent change in style for AJ.

Joshua will have to avert from his previous knockout hunting as the dangers coming back are to be far more targeted.

Opponents now know all about Joshua’s obvious frailties, thanks to Ruiz, and it’s up to the 30-year-old’s new team to prolong a second reign as champion.

The first order of the day will be to avoid Deontay Wilder at all costs. Hence the recent announcement of a preferred to face Tyson Fury instead. But any top division banger is a serious threat to Joshua keeping his belts.

Adopting Klitschko’s ‘jab and grab’ has to be the order of the day.

Taking a closer look at the alterations, CompuBox has delved a little deeper below:


Prior to the Klitschko fight, 44% of Joshua’s thrown punches were jabs. In the rematch with Ruiz, 72% of Joshua’s thrown punches were jabs- a 28% increase.

Joshua’s power punch output was also down 28% from the pre-Klitschko fights. Joshua threw 12% more jabs vs. Ruiz II than in his previous 5 fights.

Joshua threw 15 fewer power shots vs. Ruiz II (9) than the heavyweight avg. (24). In his last 17 fights (following the KO loss to Lamon Brewster), 63% of W. Klitschko’s thrown punches were jabs.

61% of Joshua’s landed punches vs. Ruiz II were jabs, up 22% from his pre-Klitschko fights. Joshua landed less than half the heavyweight avg. for power punches vs. Ruiz II (4) than the heavyweight avg. (10). 57% of Klitschko’s landed punches were jabs in his last 17 fights.

Klitschko threw 13% fewer power punches in his last 17 fights than in his previous 10 fights. Klitschko landed just 6 power punches per round in his last 17 fights.