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Home » Deontay Wilder warns Anthony Joshua on new tactics: Can’t teach power!

Deontay Wilder warns Anthony Joshua on new tactics: Can’t teach power!

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Deontay Wilder has warned Anthony Joshua his tactics against Andy Ruiz Jr. wouldn’t work against him if they were to meet for undisputed status.

Wilder is widely regarded as one of the biggest hitters in boxing history alongside ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson and George Foreman.

His recent knockout of Luis Ortiz saw his KO ratio remain over 95% – the highest percentage of any heavyweight world champion in history.

However, the ‘Bronze Bomber’ insists he brings more to the table than just power and believes many people underestimate his skill to lure opponents into receiving a deadly right hand of his.

“That wouldn’t work against me for one,” when speaking to ES News about Joshua’s win over Andy Ruiz Jr. “I’m very smart in the ring, I’m smarter than what people think I am.

“That’s why I have the advantage most of the time because these fighters and trainers; they listen to the hearsay. They listen to what this person says and that person says.

“Over and over again I’ve proved that’s not true, but time and time again people don’t want to get it out of their head. They don’t understand what they’re seeing so they don’t want to believe (it).

“It’s always what I can’t do but we gotta acknowledge and understand what I can do.

“For people to start understanding and realizing what I can do, then you will get the format of being Deontay Wilder. You can’t teach power.


While Joshua prepared and performed like a champion in the rematch, the same could not be said about Ruiz.

Since winning the heavyweight world title, Ruiz has enjoyed the fame which comes with being champion.

From hanging out with high-profile celebrities to partying in his native, the Mexican has been living the lifestyle outside the ring.

Sadly, when it came to fight night, it reflected in his performance with Ruiz failing to land any punch of significance to worry Joshua.

His poor performance was partly due to him going into the contest at least 15-pounds overweight. Something Ruiz admitted was a mistake before blaming a number of factors for his downfall.

The WBC king, though, was less than impressed with the excuses Ruiz made afterwards. Wilder, 34, was astonished as to why Ruiz didn’t grab the opportunity of ensuring financial security for life.

“Three months, he wants to come out with all this. ‘I didn’t train, three months of partying’, I’m like bro man get the f*** out of here with this. We don’t want to hear this. You had the opportunity of your life!

“Man, do you know how many guys want that opportunity bro? Man, you talk about it being a blessing. Do you know your blessing could’ve expanded?

“It could have expanded not only to support your family now but support yours forever. Don’t just get content with that little bit.”