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Home » Timothy Bradley ridiculed, called ‘lacky and Uncle Tom’ for PBC outburst

Timothy Bradley ridiculed, called ‘lacky and Uncle Tom’ for PBC outburst

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Timothy Bradley has faced a barrage of criticism for comments made during the broadcast of Terence Crawford vs Mean Machine on Saturday night.

Trainer Kevin Cunningham, in a now-deleted tweet, labeled Bradley a ‘lacky’ and Uncle Tom’ for his alleged pro-ESPN/Top Rank views.

It’s not the first time Bradley has been accused of such remarks, as even over the last week the former world champion was ridiculed for stating Crawford would beat ‘a prime’ Floyd Mayweather.

So what’s going on with Tim? – Well, Coach Cunnigham believes Bradley has simply sold out to become a company man.

Taking to social media, which he subsequently removed within 48 hours of posting, Cunnigham had said: “I can’t believe in 2019 a brother feels the need to be a lacky!”

Cunnigham also added that Bradley was an ‘Uncle Tom’ for what seem to be obviously bias views.

Changing his initially strong-worded tweet, Cunnigham then toned it down to: “PBC has the marquee names in the division. The last time that I checked, they were all fighting one another.

“So this makes them less than men Timmy? TR did it for years and Bradley participated (Pac/Mar 4x, Pac/Bradley 3x, Pac/Mor 3x, Pac/Barr 2x) I guess different rules for Bob.

“Tim Bradley disrespects the entire PBC roster because Top Rank doesn’t have marquee names for Crawford. Somebody tell Bradley buck dancing for Bob won’t get the fights done. It’s a shame Bud’s caught up in that nonsense!”

Even PBC fighter and ex-champ Andre Berto got involved by sending a warning to Bradley, who became highly animated during the telecast.

“Tim Bradley and the rest of that ESPN crew over there better relax on PBC,” fired Berto.

“Don’t write a check that those fighters at Top Rank can’t cash. Al Haymon for president #PBC.”


Bradley is quickly gaining a reputation for his outbursts, which regularly gain more attention than anything else on the show.

Even Andre Ward seemed to find it hard to digest as Bradley opened up a can of worms by disrespecting an entire roster of boxers at a rival stable.

Promoter Bob Arum has always pushed for Crawford to face the best PBC has to offer. Although the Top Rank boss recently admitted Shawn Porter would be the most likely candidate to face Crawford in 2020.

This is due to Crawford being the only current title holder at 147 not signed to Haymon.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.