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Home » ‘Bazooka Arms’ fighter with injected biceps loses ring debut

‘Bazooka Arms’ fighter with injected biceps loses ring debut

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Kirill Tereshin, a wannabe boxer and MMA fighter from Russia, has disappointingly lost his first foray into the ring.

In what was seen as a comic match-up between ‘Bazooka Arms’ and a veteran scrapper in Oleg Mongol, Tereshin tapped out in the first round.

Tereshin was held down and choked by 43-year-old Mongol before wanting out of the ring.

‘Popeye’ – as he’s also known, Tereshin, 23, is a minor celebrity in his homeland. This is given the fact he injected one and a half gallons of Synthol into his biceps.

Now a notorious womanizer and a constant in the tabloid press, Tereshin continues his attempts to stay in the spotlight.

Kirill Tereshin

This latest effort lasted all of three minutes and Tereshin is now reported to be considering a boxing match next.

Despite throwing in the towel in Siberia, Tereshin fancies his chances as a pugilist.

The only problem is, Synthol does nothing for your physical strength and is very harmful to the body.

At some point in the future, the youngster will need his arms draining, which will be a pretty hurtful process. Not to mention the fact the substance inside him can cause major problems.

Heart attacks, blood poisoning and some forms of cancer are just the tip of the iceberg for Tereshin. Amputation is also a possibility.


Boasting 26-INCH biceps, Tereshin doesn’t seem to mind, though, and is loving the attention he receives.

At last count, Tereshin had almost 450,000 followers in his @ruki_bazuki_official Instagram account.

Since beginning his unusual journey in 2017, Tereshin doesn’t show any signs of wanting to slow down.

Labelling himself as ‘a freak’ on social media, Tereshin is apparently willing to do anything in order to stay in the public eye.

Several female admirers have come and gone, with his latest flame being ditched for asking Tereshin to ‘inject his buttocks’ next.

Russian media reported the story before Tereshin and the 28 year-old model then split up.