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Eight judges score WBC title fight, part of new Evaluation Program

Eight judges could score all World Boxing Council Championship Fights in future, with five judges totaling the bout in secret.

The WBC tested its new Live Evaluation Program for ring officials during Vasily Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell in London.

This new program deviates from the past. In that it evaluates fights live, rather than waiting for the controversy. This is in order to evaluate official’s performances after the fact.

It is also a proactive tool to keep year-round training and evaluation.

The WBC feels that this new approach is superior to traditional evaluations. They are conducted live and independent of media or popular opinions of the fight officials’ performance.

This new program utilizes volunteer WBC officials, watching the fight live on television. It serves as a direct comparison and evaluation to their ringside counterparts using an online WBC application.

Judge evaluators watch the fight with the sound muted and enter a score after each round.

They are also required to determine if the margin of victory for each round was close, moderate, or decisive.

Although the scoring of this bout was without controversy, the WBC Live Evaluation Program was a success. The results indicate very little variation round by round across the eight judges.


Total scores ranged from 119-108 to 117-110.

There has been very good feedback as well with regards that the final scores do not reflect the greatness of the fight and several rounds were in fact labeled as “close” .

The WBC Live Evaluation Program is just one part of a new, innovative Comprehensive Official’s Training and Evaluation Program.

A special presentation is being prepared and scheduled in which we will formally introduce this system to the media in the very near future.

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