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Home » Exclusive: Pacquiao vs Hatton: Campbell talks Manny Jr. fight

Exclusive: Pacquiao vs Hatton: Campbell talks Manny Jr. fight

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Ricky Hatton’s son Campbell Hatton has discussed the potential for a battle with Manny Pacquiao’s son Jimuel down the line.

UK icon Ricky made an incredible stamp on the British scene, regularly selling out the then MEN Arena.

Fighting at the home of his beloved blues at the City of Manchester Stadium, to taking thousands across the Atlantic for massive fights against the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Hatton made an everlasting mark, which will hopefully be continued by his offspring.

At 18, son Campbell is at the very start of his own boxing journey. Still an amateur, he is expected to turn professional in a year or two, according to uncle and trainer Matthew.

Ricky semi-retired on the back of a loss to Pacquiao in 2009 before returning for one last fight in 2012.

The psychological damage caused by a stunning two-round knock out has been well documented by Hatton.

Campbell Hatton talks to WBN about Manny Pacquiao Jr.

With Pacquiao’s son Manny Jr. (or Jimuel), also an 18 year-old amateur boxer, could we see both fighters bring back a Pacquiao-Hatton feud in the future?

“I remember seeing something on Instagram about Pacquiao’s lad having his first amateur fight if I remember right?” Hatton explained exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It’s not really something I’ve thought anything about. That’s because we’d need to be at the same weight and everything. It could be years down the line.

“He might not even still want to box in a few years. It’s something he’s only just started. But if it did happen I’m sure it would be massive.”

Speaking about his father’s famous journey, Campbell stated he’s caught up further since taking up the sport himself.

“I don’t really remember anything from the time. Not much of my dad’s career because I was so young for most of it,” he pointed out.

“Since starting myself I’ve watched all of my dads fights plenty of times. Looking at the fights against Pacquiao and Mayweather, there’s no shame of losing to fighters like that.”


Pacquiao, a fighter who at 40 recently regained the world championship, looks like he has a new lease of life.

The young Hatton, a father of one, admitted his surprised by how well the Filipino has been doing.

“I am surprised by how good Pacquiao still is because by 40 most fighters are usually already retired or at least at the end of their career,” Hatton stated.

“Manny looked better in his last fight than he did three or four years ago. I’m not surprised that he is still a force because a Pacquiao at 50% of his prime is still a top fighter.”

By Mick Kane.