EXCLUSIVE: David Price reflects on, savours ‘sweet’ Dave Allen victory

David Price

Dave Thompson

David Price is back in the hunt for big names in the heavyweight division after stopping Dave Allen against the odds on Saturday night.

The Liverpool man proved exactly why he’s labelled a ‘Big, Horrible Heavyweight’ by pumping the jab into Allen’s face for ten rounds.

Deterring the Doncaster man from getting his own shots off, Price’s performance echoed the promise everybody knew he had in him.

Despite being the 2/1 underdog with the bookmakers, Price shot down stamina issues to dazzle in front of a London crowd at The O2.

Reflecting on his success, the 36 year-old said the win was all the more satisfying due to being written off beforehand.

“It was a sweet feeling. The best I’ve had after a fight for a long time if I’m being honest. That victory, it tasted really sweet,” Price exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It’s given me a real buzz back. I’ve been looking for that for quite some time.

“I keep saying the winning of a boxing match is why we keep doing it type of thing. And even though I’ve had wins in the past couple years, none of them have felt as good as that.

“So it’s good to have that buzz back. The people around me getting the same feeling.”

David Price
📸 Dave Thompson

On the pre-fight fractions being against him, Price added: “I think it’s the first fight where I’ve gone in as an underdog and actually proved the bookies wrong. So again, it tastes all the sweeter.”

Asked what could be next for him, the Olympic bronze medallist revealed he is yet to address his options.

“I have no clue. One of the things I’ve said after this fight, in the past when I was winning and coming through and things were going well. I’d win a fight and would be like, right what’s next and I’d be looking for the next challenge. But for this one, God’s honest truth, I’m just going to savour this moment this week. Enjoy the spoils of the war and victory.

“When it’s time to sit down and talk about the next move we will. But it’s just good to know there’s going to be a next move because the concern for me was if I lost, where I would go from here?

“Now I know it’s onwards and upwards.”


Talking up an enjoyable time in his long boxing spell after some darker days, he concluded: “Momentum is big in boxing. If I can keeping building on this momentum then I’m probably going to go through the best phase of my career that I will have had.

“In the past, I probably been a little too hard on myself even with fights that I’ve won. I’m hard to please when it comes to my own performances. For this fight, I kind of just dropped that. I wanted to relax and enjoy the night – which I did.

“At the end of the 10th when they had told me I’d won, because of all the criticism and everything else, it was just the feel-good factor. I was delighted.”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay (article transcribed by Assistant Editor).