Guillermo Rigondeaux mandatory, WBC will consider Julio Ceja protest

After the defeat suffered by Julio Ceja against Guillermo Rigondeaux last weekend, Ceja approached the President of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaiman to appeal the decision of the Referee.

Ceja was knocked down with a left hook in the eighth round and although he got up before the 10 count, the Referee decided to stop the fight.

Julio is requesting a revision of the fight. It should be noted that the winner of that bout is the official title challenger.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman says that Rigondeaux is the official challenger, but that the request of Ceja will be addressed.

However, he did point out that the chief goal of the World Boxing Council is to always safeguard the integrity and well being of boxers, in order to avoid any tragedy.


On Saturday, June 29, WBC light flyweight champion, Yesenia Gómez, will defend her crown for the second time when she faces the challenger, Ana Victoria Polo, at the Grand Oasis in Cancun,

“I worked hard since I arrived in Mexico City. We know that she is a very strong challenger who comes forward, throws many punches. But we work as necessary to come out with my arm raised.

“At this point there are no easy rivals, I always have to go to the maximum, work hard and be constantly striving every day. We know that she will give us some problems. But I trust totally in my preparation to make my second defense.

“I Endeavored to be world champion. I know what it costs, how difficult it is to come to the city, prepare, leave my family. These are things that motivate me to continue as world champion for many years.”

Gomez conquered the 108-pound WBC belt by defeating Esmeralda “Joya” Moreno, she defended her crown against Erica Hanawa and now she faces another determined opponent.

Her training camp was led by Ruben Lira and was helped by quality boxers as Diana and Karina Fernandez, in addition to the WBC flyweight champion, Ibeth “Roca” Zamora.


The super bantamweight champion of the World Boxing Council, Rey Vargas, is convinced that there will be a world of difference between the first time he faced Tomoki Kameda, as amateurs, to July 13 in California.

“It’s been many years, since we saw each other’s faces for the first time. He has changed a lot and I also. At that time we both dreamed of being someone in life, today we are what we dreamed of being: world champions. But there are things that are not going to change, like the fact that I have prepared very hard and I will defeat him again, the only Mexican and the only champion is me.

“Today is very different. Back then we both wanted the trophy, but today I am the one that risks everything, including my undefeated record and the WBC belt, so I will defend everything what I have, with all I have got.”

Vargas reiterates that he expects a hard but clean rival in the ring, “He is a rival that I consider clean, but with that Japanese blood that never lets them to give up, he goes forward all time. I hope this will be a great fight, he is a rival with which will allow us to show our full potential, I consider him a gentleman and I hope so in the ring, a fight between gentlemen.”

Rey Vargas faces Japanese Kameda on July 13 at the Dignity Health Sports Park in the City of Carson, in California, United States.