EXCLUSIVE: ‘AJ has to change one mistake to beat Ruiz – Buddy McGirt

If there’s one man in boxing that a debuting prospect or an undefeated world champion should heed the words of – it’s Buddy McGirt.

This week I had the chance to talk with the newly inducted IBHOF member about Anthony Joshua’s recent shock defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr.

“You could see it coming in the first-half of the first round,” McGirt exclusively told World Boxing News. “Joshua made, in my eyes, one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Am I going to reveal it? No (laughs).

“If he doesn’t change that mistake that he made, if they fought six times, Ruiz would knock him out six times. If he changes that then it’ll be a different ball game. I think he’s a heck of a fighter.

“I’m happy for Ruiz as well. I’m happy for anybody who gets in there and fights as an underdog like that and wins a championship.

“Nothing but love and respect for him. I just think Joshua has to make certain adjustments.”

I asked if Joshua’s trainer, Robert McCracken, should have picked up on what it is that McGirt saw and he made a point not to criticize the work of his fellow trainer.

He continued, “Tell Mr. Joshua, I wish him the best and he’s just got to make that little correction and he’ll be fine.”

If AJ wants to win his titles back, maybe he should give Buddy a call?


The former two-weight world champion went on to discuss how some boxers tend to win in a similar fashion each time and fail to work on their shortcomings until it’s too late.

“A lot of fighters win their fights a certain way and when it comes time for them to make a certain adjustment – they don’t know how to because they’ve never been taught how to,” he explained. “If you’re not taught how to, how can you do it?

“When fighters are winning fights by knocking everybody out, they get away from (working on) everything else. They’re going to stick with what got them there, which is OK. But what happens if you get that one day when a guy gets up and fights back – then what do you do? You’re in uncharted waters there (laughs).

“That’s the worst place to be when you’re by yourself,” concluded McGirt with a chuckle.

Ian Aldous is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @ian7685