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Home » Four boxers dropped from WBC ratings as trio join Clean Boxing Program

Four boxers dropped from WBC ratings as trio join Clean Boxing Program

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Seven ranked fighters have seen their positions within the World Boxing Council Clean Boxing Program alter this week.

The WBC combined with VADA in the CBP, announce the boxers who are out of the WBC World Rankings for the month of June.

The following fighters haven`t complied with their registration towards the Clean Boxing Program. This comes after having a 90-day period to register.

Concerning the first 15 world positions, those excluded are:

– Light; #7, Jose Pedraza (P. Rico)

– Featherweight; #5, Shakur Stevenson (US)

– Fly; # 11, Jobert Alvarez (Phil)

– Minimum; #7, Norihito Tanaka (Japan)

For the WBC it`s imperative to work on education and awareness to help all people involved in the sport to learn the very real dangers of using substances to improve performance (PED).

PED’s then create great problems in the health of the athletes. We exhort all the boxing community to watch the webinar, which is available on all WBC and CBP websites.

It shows specific information to learn, know and appreciate the terrible risks and awful consequences to well being, of using thus abusing these substances.


In addition to four being dropped, three fighters have signed up. Ranked # 10 in the flyweight division Ernesto Irias, David Avanesyan ranked # 8 at welterweight. And Liam Williams ranked # 10 in middleweight, have completed their 100% clean boxing program enrollment forms.

Our fighters set an example to all boxers who have not yet registered to the CBP. Proving just how important it is to follow this requirement.

The most important thing is to take care the health of boxers by fair, clean and clear competition. Wholely without using illegal substances to enhance performance.

One of the biggest problems in international boxing is the lack of uniformity concerning the protection issues of fighters and their opponents.

The CBP project aims to standardize the procedures to provide security to those who risk so much when they enter the ring.

For more information, we invite you to see the webinar HERE