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Home » Daniel Jacobs MASSIVELY FAILS check weight ahead of Canelo fight

Daniel Jacobs MASSIVELY FAILS check weight ahead of Canelo fight

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Daniel Jacobs scaled 173.6 pounds on the day of his fight with Canelo Alvarez, almost THREE and a HALF pounds over the contracted limit.

Canelo wanted a mark of 170 pounds for the unification bout. Whilst he made it successfully under the barrier, Jacobs was miles over.

It’s been suggested Jacobs may have weighed heavier on purpose in order to give him the best chance possible of victory.


As a result of the failure, Jacobs is set to be penalized almost $1 million dollars ($250k per pound).

The massive DAZN battle will still happen though, it has been confirmed. A fine is deemed sufficient punishment.

Ahead of the fight, Jacobs has spoken about size making the difference.

He said: “I don’t necessarily think Canelo can bully me. I think that it’s going to be really hard for him being the smaller guy to dictate that.

“I’m a rough guy when it comes to being in the ring. From the outside looking in, it might look different. But in the ring, I’m a physically big guy with speed and power, so it’s more about the tactics that I choose to use to be victorious.


“All I see is my hand being raised. I’ve envisioned KOs, decisions, all the positive things. As far as controversy or negativity, him being able to take my punches or push me back, that’s not entered my mind.

“We only think positively before going into the ring, we’re ready for every possibility, but ultimately, we are on a positive path to victory.

“I am the best Middleweight in the world. I’ve always said that I am the best, and I’ve also always been vocal that the win over Golovkin was taken from me.

“So, a win over Canelo puts a new idea in the fans’ minds that this guy is the best as he’s proven it against a guy that beat Golovkin.


“I’ve switched up the sparring partners a lot and we’ve worked a lot on footwork. I’ve been the come-forward aggressor in my previous fights, the power-puncher; Canelo takes a good shot and he’s very elusive with his upper body, so we wanted to make sure we’re faster on our feet, with our hands and with our combinations than in previous fights.

“I study all the fights, and the ones I believed he lost as those are the fighters that showed his bad habits and the opponents were able to exploit them. Canelo has great upper body and head movement, but his legs and his knees don’t hold up well. He doesn’t cut the ring off well like Sergey Derevyanchenko or Golovkin.


“We look at things like that. I’m one of the longest fighters that he’s faced too, and I’m so fast, so I think I can use all that to my advantage.”