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Home » Adalaide Byrd shock shortlisting for Canelo v Jacobs judge sparked protest

Adalaide Byrd shock shortlisting for Canelo v Jacobs judge sparked protest

Danny Jacobs trainer Andre Rozier has admitted a protest would have been filed against Adalaide Byrd if she had been appointed as a judge for the Canelo fight.

Unbelievably, Byrd was named on the judging pool shortlist by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. This is despite a shocking card for the first Gennady Golovkin fight.

Byrd was stood down as a judge for some time after scoring 118-110 for Canelo in the GGG opening contest. This is despite many seeing the clash in favor of the Kazakh.


Opening up on news surrounding Byrd potentially being involved, Rozier let his feelings be known in an appearance on Sirius XM Radio’s At The Fights.

“I would’ve been the first to say no. We 100% would not be compliant to accept her as a judge.” -Daniel Jacobs’ trainer Andre Rozier on how would have reacted if Adalaide Byrd was appointed a judge for #CaneloJacobs

Since the initial reports, Byrd has once again become the butt of jokes ahead of fight night.

Fan Tweets (sic)


Jacobs win tonight! Unless Adalaide Byrd has anything to do with it.

Adalaide Byrd and CJ Ross are watching from home and Allegedly they have the bout cards completed 120 – 108 to Canelo.

Adelaide Byrd has it 10-9 after the #canelovsjacobs weigh in

Is Adelaide Byrd in the judges seat? If so Jacobs needs to bring a gun to this fight,prob still end up a draw

Adalaide Byrd had the first Canelo-GGG fight 118-110 in favor of Canelo, a truly atrocious score.

But wouldn’t one expect her to shade the close arounds to Canelo’s opponent if she were to get the assignment, to avoid further scrutiny?

If Adelaide Byrd is going to be a judge for the Jacobs-Alvarez fight I will not invest 19.99 in the fight to DAZN. I’ll order a damn pizza and watch a baseball game instead. Having her judge this fight is spiting in the face of boxing fans.



Later in the interview, Rozier discussed the recent split between Abel Sanchez and Golovkin.

Sanchez went public with his grievances over losing his spot over a disagreement on percentages.

“I think he honestly handled it truly as a sore loser, like a spoiled baby, like a brat” – Andre Rozier shares his thoughts on Abel Sanchez’s comments following his split from Gennady Golovkin.

Furthermore, Golovkin is currently searching for a new coach.

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