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Yarde’s trainer Ajayi involved in spat with Frampton, Macklin and Mitchell

UK light-heavyweight star Anthony Yarde’s trainer Tunde Ajayi has been the talk of social media this week for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Ajayi made some bold statements which were roundly scrutinized, before becoming the target of ridicule over some of his training methods.

Ajayi, apart from stating seasoned world champion Sergey Kovalev gasses out in four rounds, also said Yarde has a better skill set than Andre Ward.


Yarde is currently the number one contender to Kovalev’s WBO strap. WBO bosses have already ordered negotiations to begin.

As word spread of Ajayi’s interview, ex-title holder’s Matthew Macklin and Carl Frampton responded to the furor.

“I feel sorry for him, he’s obviously not well. Poor chap,” said Macklin about Ajayi.

Carl Frampton added: “It’s getting really embarrassing now. Yarde himself must cringe listening to that nonsense.”


A separate issue involved a video clip posted of Ajayi using ‘tippy-tappy’ pads with Yarde during a public workout. This was also the subject of criticism, not only from fans.

Kevin Mitchell, who trained under Ajayi for his first 16 bouts, questioned his ex-coach.

“It’s all a load of b*******, to be honest. I did it for a while and it wasn’t any good at all for me,” said Mitchell.

“I’ve had some experience training with some of the best in this country and this was a bad experience in my boxing career,” he added.


Firing back in response, Ajayi has since gone on a social media offensive.


“All these fighters giving their opinions about me, not one of them had a trainer with my confidence and ability,” said Ajayi. “Maybe that’s the reason you now throw stones at a “REAL” teacher. And why no one listens to your opinions.

“None of you have trained or will ever train a fighter like me.”

He added: “In eighteen fights, ‘Tippy Tappy’ pads have brought the world more excitement (than) in the whole of Carl Frampton and Matthew Macklin’s careers combined. Facts.”

Responding directly to Mitchell, Ajayi said: “The lesson for ALL you boys which none of you learned is none of you lost when you did those ‘tippy tappy’ pads with me. But because you were ALL weak mentally you let outside influences mislead you.”

To Frampton and Macklin, Ajayi concluded: “You men talk but don’t know much about the art of boxing and how to teach it. That’s why you criticize – hence the title ‘critics’. Learn boxing then talk to me.”