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Home » Kubrat Pulev sorry, reveals reason why he kissed reporter Jenny Sushe

Kubrat Pulev sorry, reveals reason why he kissed reporter Jenny Sushe

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IBF mandatory heavyweight challenger Kubrat Pulev has lifted the lid on why he kissed reporter Jenny Sushe during an interview.

Following his fight on March 23 at The Hangar in California, Pulev was quizzed by Las Vegas journalist Sushe. It wasn’t the first time they had met, as the pair had spent time together after the weigh-in the previous day.

Pulev was a little familiar with Sushe, although admitted he took it too far in planting a smooch on her lips during the video process.

Since then, Sushe has launched legal action. Real name Jenny Ravalo, Sushe hired feminist attorney Gloria Allred having claimed Pulev also grabbed her buttocks off camera.

Showing remorse, Pulev explained his actions in an interview on 120 minutes.

“I am sorry. I’m sorry about what happened (with Jenny Sushe). If I can go back in time, of course I will not do it,” Pulev told 120 minutes.

“Anyway, it’s the experience again which one must go through. I do such things. I’m temperamental and I’ve done it purely out of happiness.

“I can tell my fans it was the euphoria (of winning the fight against Bogdan Dinu). The people who sympathize with me will know that if I had to do it all over again – I would not (kiss Sushe).

“If God gave me time to return (I’d change it).

“I’m sorry about that. But the point is, the desire that I have (in kissing Sushe) was made with no intention of violence (or hurt). This kiss was an expression of joy.

“Everybody could interpret it as I was pleased. But it was an expression of joy and happiness. Just an emotion, a strong emotion I can compare with if a person was euphoric, to such an extent.”

Opening up further, Pulev said he felt close to Sushe after they shared each other’s company during fight week.

“Normally, I’m an open person. I’m very positive with all people, it’s normal for me,” said the Bulgarian. “I never did that (kiss, before). But I just felt the situation, we knew each other.

“I said we were friends, but she said she we were not. But we were talking and we talked the day before I was interviewed. We were much closer (than Sushe stated).

“At the time, I was concentrating on the fight. But of course, the next day this happens, this (controversial) kiss,” Pulev concluded.

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Both sides will get the chance to air their version of events at a California hearing on May 14. Until then, Pulev has had his license revoked by the State Commission.

A video clip released by a member of Pulev’s team who witnessed events taking place long after the kiss, could help the ‘Cobra’ in his case to be reinstated.

Sushe was shown giving a lapdance to a man in Pulev’s presence, said to have been taken in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Despite Sushe putting out a statement saying she felt degraded and embarrassed, the video seems to show otherwise.

It’s expected to be presented as part of Pulev’s case on the day. Whether it’s admissible following world-wide sharing is yet to be made clear.

Pulev’s position as the stipulated challenger to Anthony Joshua and a potential opponent for Top Rank stablemate Tyson Fury hangs in the balance.