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Home » Exclusive: Grant Dennis talks Ultimate Boxxer involvement, BT Sport deal

Exclusive: Grant Dennis talks Ultimate Boxxer involvement, BT Sport deal

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Ultimate Boxxer held a press conference in which they announced their next tournament on May 10th.

Featuring eight middleweight prospects, former Southern Area and English title challenger Grant Dennis is one of the eight to put himself forward.

Speaking to WBN after the press conference, Dennis was asked if the previous tournaments persuaded him to enter, he said: “To be honest, yeah. The profile of it and the platform it’s on now. It definitely tickled my tastebuds.

“I thought I might as well go for it, it suits my style and what I do. Like I said, the platform is definitely great for the profile building.”

BT Sport will now broadcast the Ultimate Boxxer tournament for a minimum of 5 events a year. When asked by WBN if he knew the tournament would take place on BT Sport before he signed up, he said: “Initially no, I thought it was on a different channel. But then about 2-3 weeks ago we got informed that it’s going to be on BT Sports.

“It definitely put a smile on my face and everyone around me.

“We thought it’s going to be wicked and obviously today is just a little of a taster to what it’s going to be like.”


Ultimate Boxxer previously featured on Channel 5. Now signed with BT Sport, the tournament can also be viewed on their YouTube channel allowing free viewing for fans.

When asked about his opinion on this, Dennis said in an exclusive interview: “Yeah definitely because not everyone has got BT sports. Not everyone can afford it so if they can watch for free on YouTube as well, that’s a great thing.

“It just builds the profile and it’s good for boxing. There’s a lot of PPV and box office stuff so for boxing itself it’s good to get the general public back in it and getting boxing back into the limelight.”

Since his English title defeat, Dennis has bounced back with his previous fight only lasting 46 seconds.

Now his calibre of opponents steps back up.

“They’re all challenges, they’re all obstacles. They’re all guys with two hands, two legs and a heart. So for me, any one of them is a challenge. They’re obstacles but ones that I can overcome.”

BT Sport will broadcast the Ultimate Boxxer series live on TV and YouTube, starting on Friday 10th May from The O2. Tickets available from 

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller