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Home » Redemptionless: Jeff Horn has no right to seek Manny Pacquiao rematch

Redemptionless: Jeff Horn has no right to seek Manny Pacquiao rematch

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Manny Pacquiao defeated Adrien Broner last month and talk instantly turned to a potential rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

As Mayweather continued to deny the reports, further whispers of a separate return affair offer went considerably under the radar.

Australian Jeff Horn put the feelers out on a possible second clash with Pacquiao despite being defeated in a robbery win the first time around.

Pacquiao, as has happened on more than one occasion, unfathomably lost on the scorecards.

At the time in the summer of 2017, WBN scored 116-111 for Pacquiao as the pair traded blows at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

Eight rounds were carded in favor of the Filipino superstar. One of which, the ninth, was an absolute battering of Horn.

Referee Mark Nelson would have been correct had he stopped the contest at that point as it looked for all the world as if Horn couldn’t win.

Shockingly, Horn was handed one of the worst hometown decisions in recent memory. Furthermore, he has no right to even contemplate being paid hansomly for a another clash.

Horn should count himself lucky he doesn’t have two losses on his record. This comes after Terence Crawford dominated him in a fight undeserved and stemming from the Pacquiao ‘win’.

With bigger fish to fry, Pacquiao is one hundred percent correct by refusing to acknowledge the advances.

When Timothy Bradley was handed his awful victory over Pacquiao in 2012, at least then there was probable cause to pit them together again.


In Horn’s case, this is highly unwarranted and would be a bad career move for Pacquiao at this stage.

The 40 year-old is enjoying a renaissance. And like Mayweather a few years ago, is in a position to pick and choose who he faces.

Crawford himself would be a good option should he come through Amir Khan. Or even Khan if he can pull of a shock on April 20.

The likes of Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter or the winner of Errol Spence v Mikey Garcia would bring out the best in Pacquiao.

Losing to Horn took put Pacquiao’s career in jeopardy the first time around. Going back down that road again is not advisable due to the one-sided nature of the first bout.