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Home » No pillows: Lennox Lewis on why he’ll never stop speaking his mind

No pillows: Lennox Lewis on why he’ll never stop speaking his mind

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Lennox Lewis has been the subject of some debate recently for his open views on the career of fellow Briton Anthony Joshua.

Like many, Lewis has been critical of the moves Joshua has made since making it to the summit of the sport.

Defeating Wladimir Klitschko was the pinnacle of Joshua’s story so far, although the Olympic gold medallist’s reputation has since gone in reverse.

Lewis was hoping Joshua would have at least fought Deontay Wilder by now. But the 28 year-old was somehow beaten to the punch by Tyson Fury.

This was despite Fury being out of action for almost four years and ballooning in weight by over ten stones.

Fury came back, lost the excess poundage and accepted the fight with Wilder which Joshua had turned down.

Promoter Eddie Hearn hasn’t taken kindly to Lewis pointing out the flaws in his Joshua plans.

The last undisputed champion has since told Hearn to ‘pull his big boy pants up’.

“I’ve recently heard Eddie Hearn talking about how he doesn’t like what I’ve said in regards to the Wilder negotiations in 2018. In my fighting years, I laced my gloves up in the ring for protection of myself and my opponents. Outside of the ring, there are no gloves. We don’t put pillows on to soften the blow,” said Lewis.

“Eddie needs to put his big boy pants on and understand that criticism and scrutiny are a part of the game. No boxer or promoter is above it. Right or wrong, I’ve had my fair share also. It comes with the territory.

“In my career, I created my own path, chose my own destiny and fought for everything I’ve earned. I achieved all I’ve set out for in the sport. In my era, I sought out the best to prove I was the best. So I don’t take it lightly when my hard earned reputation is put in question.

“I have no problem speaking my mind, which seems to hurt people’s feelings. But my views are not, and cannot, be swayed by a TV commentating contract, favour for a fellow Brit, jealousy of a new crop of talent, or the opinions of paid keyboard warriors.

“I manage my character and everything surrounding Lennox Lewis. (Yep, third person.) There’s no puppet master here. I just call it as I see it, like I always have.

“For those of you who push this false narrative, I invite you to join me here at my League of Champions Youth Boxing Camp, where, among other things, we teach integrity.”


“As for Wilder and Fury, I’m looking forward to the rematch and to see a great fight between two warriors. As a fan, I’m looking forward to seeing how the division gets sorted out, and when we have the emergence of one undisputed champion.

“I’m hoping the end of 2019, we will have our answers on just who that will be,” he concluded.

Wilder v Fury II is set to take place in the spring. A third Wilder v Fury offering is also in the offing dependent on the outcome.