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Home » Floyd Mayweather felt no need to train in order to beat Tenshin Nasukawa

Floyd Mayweather felt no need to train in order to beat Tenshin Nasukawa

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Floyd Mayweather visited a gym a few times but by no means did the former Pound for Pound king get himself in any shape for New Year’s Eve.

As WBN pointed out on fight night in Japan, Mayweather looked fleshy in the ring. Excess weight spilled over his shorts, although it made no difference in his fight with Tenshin Nasukawa.

Despite pre-fight Nasukawa threats of a possible knockout against Mayweather, his massive weight difference told.

The 41-year-old was able to toy with Tenshin before unleashing his biggest punches.

After the contest, in which Tenshin was dropped three times, Mayweather confirmed what we already knew.

“Did I have a training camp for this fight? No,” Mayweather said in his post-fight interview.

“I went to the gym a few times and moved around with Daquan (Mays), a young champion on the rise. Now, I’m going to call him a champion. He could be a champion. I believe he can with experience, and if he listens. He’s young, he has a lot to learn, but he will be okay.

“I’m just happy he was able to move around with me, just a little bit, just to get the kinks out, so I can come out here and perform for you guys.”


On his opponent, Mayweather added his appreciation for another massive paycheck banked.

“I want to say thank you to Tenshin. It’s about entertainment. Tenshin is still undefeated. I did this to entertain the fans.”

“I said, ‘Why not?’. I’m still retired, still 50-0. Tenshin is a true champion and a hell of a fighter. Tenshin, hold your head up high. I want fans around the world to support Tenshin. He’s a great guy and a great champion.”

Mayweather made $56,250 per second for his Japanese jaunt. That’s just over three and a quarter million per minute.

Many believe ‘Money’ was merely shaking off the cobwebs for a much bigger earner against Manny Pacquiao in the spring of 2019.