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Home » Legend Jim Lampley unsure on boxing future, willing to remain at HBO

Legend Jim Lampley unsure on boxing future, willing to remain at HBO

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Legendary HBO broadcaster Jim Lampley is yet to decipher his next move following the exit of the company from the sport.

HBO covered boxing for over 40 years, with Lampley an integral part of the coverage.

Lampley’s sullen tones were a mainstay of the network until HBO bowed out with one final program in December.

With the likes of Showtime, ESPN, DAZN and FOX now spearheading live events, Lampley is rumored to be considering a move once his contract expires.

The man himself was unsure when asked in an interview but doesn’t seem ready to jump ship just yet.

“Right now I don’t have an on-camera involvement. There’s no more ‘The Fight Game with Jim Lampley’,” he told Sirius XM Boxing Radio.

“I thought it was a great show and I loved building it and producing it. But if we’re not going to have live boxing telecasts on the air, there’s not much reason for the Fight Game with Jim Lampley.”

“At the moment, I don’t know when you’ll see me again. You’ll see my credit … on HBO. If at some point we come up with some other reason for Jim Lampley to be on television, you’ll see that. But I don’t have a need for that.

“I have a need to continue working at HBO and exploring my relationship with the greatest television network in the world. I am perfectly happy to do that as a producer at this stage of my life.”

Several appearances in movies have only served to enhance Lampley’s reputation, something which could be a future consideration for the veteran.

Roles in Rocky Balboa, Blades of Glory and the first two Creed movies are just a few of Lampley’s silver screen credits.


Listen to Jim Lampley on his role with HBO moving forward here:

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