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Home » Joe Rogan, Deontay Wilder agree Anthony Joshua is now a forgotten man

Joe Rogan, Deontay Wilder agree Anthony Joshua is now a forgotten man

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Anthony Joshua has fallen off the boxing radar in the United States, according to Joe Rogan and Deontay Wilder.

Speaking during an exchange on his 51st Podcast, Rogan questioned Wilder about Joshua’s recent title defenses.

Wilder struggled to recall how many Joshua had made in the last two years, as part of the following conversation.

“People are not paying attention to Anthony Joshua right now. It’s like he’s been forgotten,” said host Joe Rogan.

“Most definitely and that’s a great way to put it,” replied Wilder.

“He’s really been forgotten.”

The exchange continued:

Rogan: “How many times has he defended his title. Since the Klitschko fight – twice?”

Wilder: “Maybe three? I’m not sure. I remember Parker, was he after? Yeah, he was after. Was Takam before that? I don’t remember.”

Skating over the chances of facing Joshua in the UK, Wilder stated it wasn’t just a fight with the Londoner that interests him in Europe.

Rogan: “What’s interesting is that if you and Tyson have a rematch. Then you eventually get to fight Anthony Joshua. If you fight in Europe, you’ll be able to fill some giant crazy a** f****** soccer stadium or something. If you go over to England and fight him there, that would be insane. He’s a giant superstar over there.

Wilder: “Most definitely. We will be able to get the opportunity to go over there. Even if it wasn’t Joshua, I want to expand out there too.”

Listen to Rogan and Wilder on the podcast here:

Wilder was appearing as part of a stateside tour to reflect on his enthralling draw with Tyson Fury.

The pair are enjoying the plaudits from one of the most amazing heavyweight fights of the last fifteen years to take place on American soil.

Hearts are beating in the US for top division boxing once again on the back of a dormant spell when Roy Jones Jr. moved back down to light-heavyweight in 2003.

A rematch is in the works for the first six months of 2019.