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Deontay Wilder: I’m a different animal, Tyson Fury needs THREE trainers!

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Deontay Wilder discussed tactics, clinching and his mindset as he prepares to face a challenger with a corner of coaches.

Tyson Fury drafted in Freddie Roach as cutman and Ricky Hatton as third, both of whom are trainers in their own right.

Wilder says the Team Fury experience is an indication of what dangers he brings to the table.

Whilst the American believes he’s ready for anything Fury throws at him.

“I just do what I do. I do what I train to do and I rely on my muscle memory,” explained Wilder.

“I’m going to collect in the ring. I don’t worry about what everyone else can do or other fighters can do or what their strength and their weaknesses are.

“So when you get in the ring you can understand all those things. But if you don’t apply what you learn or the information that you collected, if you don’t apply it on that special night of the fight, then it all goes out the window.

“Everybody can have some type of special ability about them but if you can’t use your powers, then you’re useless. I don’t care how big he is, I don’t care how well he moves.

“I’m 40 and 0, 39 KOs. I’m one of the most experienced heavyweights in this division. I’ve been to different countries. I’ve fought different styles. Do I need to say more?

“I don’t care what Fury is going to bring, there’s nothing that this man’s going to be able to do. I’ve fought awkward fighters. I’ve fought big fighters. Every fighter I’ve faced outweighed me or nearly doubled my weight. That don’t matter to me.

“When you possess my power, you don’t worry about a lot of things, because you already know what you’re possessing and when it comes to me. I got the killer instinct; I got the most dangerous killer instinct in the boxing game. No one has a mindset like me.

“No one can have a killer instinct like I have, it’s natural born. I don’t have to get mad at you and don’t have to find things on you. I don’t have to lie on you to try to get in your head or try to get in your head in general. Just don’t have to do that because I deliver whether I’m mad at you or whether I’m happy.

“I can beat your ass and still smile at the same time. And that’s the difference between me and these other guys, they try to find things to get mad, they try to make themselves get mad. I’m special.

“I was born to do this. And the more and more I have fights and the more and more I’m able to display my talent among the world the sooner everyone will realize that I am special.

“I’m something that’s a gift from God. I am anointed like my grandmother said. You all want to see the Ali era in the golden days, trust in Deontay. Put your trust in Deontay. I’m here. I’ve been here for a long time. Many people will look at me as an overnight success, but this has been an over 10-year overnight success for me.

“I can’t wait. This is my moment to shine. This is what I’ve been waiting on. That’s it. I don’t care what he’s going to be able to do, he ain’t going to be able to beat me.

“And if he do try to rough me up like he did Cunningham. If he do try to get aggressive with me, man, it’ll be his worst nightmare. I’m going to be his worst nightmare. That’s going to be the worst thing he ever done.

“The referee better strong, he better be lifting weights at this point in time because if it gets violent in that ring and that’s my middle name. I’m a Wilder, that’s what I do.

“I’m a different king in that ring, I’m a different monster and he knows it. That’s why he had to have three trainers. I don’t have to have anything but the ones I’m with.

“If he says he’s a big guy, he can do all this shit, why he got to have so many trainers just for little old me?

“Why all these fighters have to have so many resources? Why they have to have so many different things just to fight little old me from Alabama?

“Come on now. I can’t wait. He better be careful in the ring when they come in with rough stuff because that’s what I do. I can play that game too, and you don’t want to see me in that type of mindset in the ring.

“It’ll be danger – he comes with that WWE stuff it’s going to be the worst thing he’s ever done in his life and I promise you that,” he added.

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