Mike Towell had seizures, told not to box years prior to fatal bout

Mike Towell

According to the Dundee boxer’s mother, tragic boxer Mike Towell may have hidden illness to box.

Towell died in September 2016 and is the subject of an inquiry two years on.

This week, Mum Tracey spoke at Glasgow Sheriff Court to reveal horrific details of the time leading up to Towell’s death.

At one point, Tracy Towell said her son suffered seizures and falls, which he tried to pass off as nothing.

“I thought he’d had a turn. He trained really hard and was on a strict diet. This seemed to happen after fights,” said Tracey.

“It didn’t seem to be something I recognized. That’s why I wasn’t sure or if he was going out hard partying after fights.

“He trained very hard but after his big fights., he would go out with all his friends.

“I was aware that he did take cocaine and binge drink after fights.”

Adding how the sport meant everything to her son, Tracey noted an incident at work when she attempted to explain his condition. She also said Mike was told not to box by doctors in 2013.

“Boxing was Michael’s life. It was so important to him. That’s what he lived for.

“He was livid with me, fuming as he felt like I was trying to stop him boxing.

“He was livid with me because I was actually telling the doctor what was going on with him,” she said.

The 25 year-old, who was known as ‘Iron’ Mike, also asked a nurse to refer him for a head scan after sparring.

When Towell could only manage three rounds before terrible ‘agonizing’ pain kicked in, the fighter ‘begged’ for the procedure.

Tracey said the nurse told Towell to book in with a doctor to be referred. The appointment was never made.


On that fateful night in Glasgow -Dale Evans was the opponent. He has since retired from the sport after being unable to cope with what happened.

The Welshman cited the effects of Towell’s passing in his decision at the time.

“After walking into a boxing gym at the age of nine and turning professional at 19, boxing has been a big part of my life – it WAS my life.

“I haven’t achieved what I’d have liked to, but I did alright, I guess. Maybe I set the bar a bit high for myself, or perhaps I wasn’t as good as I thought I was, I don’t know.

“Either way, at 26, I thought the boxing would get me a house, and I’d be moved into my own place by now (but) it didn’t.

“After some time out and questioning myself whether I’d fight again, a big fight was offered to me a few weeks ago (2017).

“As always, I jumped at it! But the spark, the hunger, and determination weren’t there. Just worry and fear (and) I’ll openly admit. So that’s why I’ve made the decision I have,” he said.

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