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Zed Mitchell sees action in Greenville this weekend

Zed Mitchell 9-2 (9 KO’s) knows his fans come to see him KO his opponents, and he hates to disappoint the fans. But, he has worked so hard on basics and refining skills, Mitchell is ready to display his boxing skills Friday, October 12, at the Greenville Convention Center.

Mitchell 9-2 (9 KO’s) began his career with a blistering eight consecutive KO wins. Mitchell was one of the fastest-rising talents in professional boxing. His Greek god physique and his awesome power in both hands had fans from all over the boxing world gravitating to him. On July 23, 2016, Mitchell faced undefeated Austin Bryant in one of the biggest fights in North Carolina history.

Mitchell came out fast and literally beat Bryant from pillar to post for 2:35 of the first round. Unexpectedly, as Mitchell had Bryant pinned on the ropes and was about to unload a massive left hook, the lights in the arena were suddenly cut off, and the referee had to dive in to keep both fighters from being hurt. After the lights were restored, Mitchell continued to pressure Bryant and land big shots.

But, Mitchell wasn’t the same and gingerly went back to his corner. Before the beginning of round two, the fight was surprisingly stopped by Mitchell’s corner. Rumors swirled as to why the fight was stopped, but Mitchell is adamant on why his corner had to stop the bout. “I know when the lights went out, I wanted to throw an uppercut to the body.

I kind of injured my left hand. My hand was pretty much numb. When the ref came to the corner, he and my coach asked was everything alright? My entire left arm and hand were numb. My ref and the coach pretty much made a decision, but it was a bad call. I could have continued. I have tried to get the rematch, but they would not do it,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell moved on and fought twice in 2017, winning by another KO, but he faced another tough loss. Boxing wasn’t quite the same, so Mitchell took some time to re-evaluate his team and career. Mitchell is rejuvenated. He has a new circle of trust and a team with a very professional passion for what they are supposed to do. Mitchell is mentally and physically better than ever. “I have cut things out of my life which allow me to focus 100% on boxing. I am feeling good and excited,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell is from a metropolitan area of Greenville called Ayden. With friends and family being so close to the Greenville Convention Center, Mitchell can’t wait to feel the energy from his hometown crowd. “Friday night is going to be filled with a lot of energy and this means so much more to me. No self-respecting man wants another man to come to his hometown and win. I know I have the power and any touch from me can end the night, but I want to really display my skills.”… Zed Mitchell.