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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Trainer Ben Davison explains how Tyson Fury will combat Deontay Wilder’s power

EXCLUSIVE: Trainer Ben Davison explains how Tyson Fury will combat Deontay Wilder’s power

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In a recent interview at the BT Sport studios, Tyson Fury trainer Ben Davison spoke to WBN about the forthcoming Deontay Wilder fight.

The upcoming heavyweight championship fight saw an electric start as both men traded insults. The press almost gave a taster of what’s coming on December 1st.

“I see the fight planning out similar to how the press conferences have gone. Also how the head-to-heads have gone.

“If you watched Good Morning this morning it was very calm – why? Because Tyson was calm. The press conference was very good, it was exactly as we planned and its 1-0,” Davison exclusively told World Boxing News.

“You saw it was hyped because Tyson was hyped so we’re in control. We set the tempo and that’s exactly how the fight will go.”

The press conference unravelled as power became a major talking point. When asked by WBN what Davison made of this, he responded: “As Deontay’s career has progressed, he’s improved and gotten better. He’s learned that at this level you can’t be reckless.

“Like I just said there, it was all hype. Tyson was the one who hyped it up, Tyson was the one to talk about power which lead to Deontay talking about vicious KOs and the more he looks for it, the more gaps there will be to exploit.

“It’s playing straight into our hands. The more he looks for that power, the more mistakes he will make.”

Wilder in his last fight had a tough time facing a top-level opponent in Luis Ortiz. The WBC champion adapted to the situation well and overcame his opponent in style.

The performance was also mentioned in the press conference with Fury criticizing the age of Ortiz.

“If he starts recklessly he’ll be caught nice and early and he’ll realise hang on a minute I can’t do that at this level,” predicted Davison.

“He’ll have to think about his job. Go back to the drawing board and before you know it a few rounds have gone down and we’re well ahead.”


Fury, during the press conference received and answered questions about challenging for a heavyweight world title being too soon. Oozing confidence, he showed to be more than ready to add the WBC to his lineal belt after just a few months returning to the sport.

“It was nothing to do with the fight, I did say one or two more fights would have been good because that was the initial plan.

“It had nothing to do with Deontay Wilder. Now that the fight has come about you have to assess the situation and does Tyson have the skillset to beat Wilder and I believe he does, yeah.”

Fury famously won world titles the first time around on foreign territory in Germany almost three years ago.

Once again he will travel abroad in an attempt to win one of the four major belts.

“It is what it is, for Tyson it makes it more of a challenge and he rises to it even more. Over in Germany, he did the same thing again and he’ll do it once more,” he added.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller