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Home » Wladimir Klitschko finally gets WBC title, presented by brother Vitali

Wladimir Klitschko finally gets WBC title, presented by brother Vitali

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The Mother of Wladimir Klitschko and brothers Vitali strictly, yet humanely forbade her sons to fight. So it’s taken all this time for Wladimir to gain a green and gold belt.

Wladimir was presented by…who other than big brother Vitali, at the WBC Convention in Kiev.

During his presentation Wladimir told the seven hundred guests: “It’s great to have the Boxing Family here in beautiful Kiev. I knew… eventually you’d come.

“The sport of Boxing is magical. When great fights happen, the world is silent. Sport has the power to unify the world.

Boxers come and go. It’s important to take care of them after their life in boxing.

“I’m the only jealous ex-champion in the room. I was not WBC champion due to you Brother! But sharing means caring.”

As Lennox Lewis said fighting both brothers for green and gold would have been too much of a hard-bitten challenge to chew.


For Vitali bringing the Convention to Kiev is a mission accomplished. In an interview with the Convention media, he said: “It’s always been my dream to bring the WBC Convention to my hometown.

“For two years I said to Mauricio, please find the time to make the Convention in my hometown. Right now Kiev is the World Capital of Boxing. ”

To present Wladimir with the WBC belt was a unique and cherished moment for the Mayor of Kiev.

He said: “It is a symbolic belt for my Brother who was a Champion. If I had not been the WBC champion, I’m more than sure that Wladimir would have had it in his collection. As well as his other belts.”

The national flag of Ukraine is now included on WBC belts. Vitali applauds thus saying that Ukrainian fighters are very active.

Boxing world Champion and now Mayor of Kiev, Vitali’s ambition is: “To change life around me, to change my country.

“My dream to live in a modern, democratic Ukraine. We have to make our city and our country much more beautiful. The big question is how we use our potential.”

As for his life now Vitali says: “I miss boxing very much. It’s always in my heart and I support and love boxing lifelong.

“It gave me chances and opened many doors, and that’s why it was my mission to get the WBC Convention to my hometown.”.