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Home » Canelo vs GGG II weigh-in: 159 each, near chair fall, scuffle and face-off

Canelo vs GGG II weigh-in: 159 each, near chair fall, scuffle and face-off

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Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez weighed in for their forthcoming middleweight title clash on September 15.

Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs), from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, boxing’s longest-reigning world champion (since 2010), scaled 159.6.

On Saturday, September 15, he collides again with Lineal Middleweight World Champion Çanelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) of Guadalajara, Mexico.


The pair punch-up in a Mexican Independence Day rematch at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Golovkin will be attempting to make his 21st consecutive and division record-breaking successful title defense.

Canelo hit the mark at 159.4 before almost falling off his chair and seeming to lead with the head at the face-off.

Camps on either side then got involved as things threatened to boil over.

On the undercard, David Lemieux and Gary O’Sullivan collide for the right to face the winner.


Lemieux and O’Sullivan successfully made the weight as the Canadian was 160 and ‘Spike’ just under.

O’Sullivan attempted to square-off with a bareknuckle stance which wasn’t taken too kindly by Lemieux.

Selected fight week quotes

GENNADY ‘GGG’ GOLOVKIN: Really, I don’t think right now about Bernard Hopkins. I’m thinking about my fight with Canelo, and as far as all the other associations, we can talk about this after September 15.

Everybody honestly understands that’s a part of the legacy — of my legacy in boxing. Those honest people recognize it. Those who are dishonest try to forget about this.

CANELO ALVAREZ: Obviously, he’s a powerful fighter. He has a solid hit in his punches. That’s his biggest virtue as a fighter that he has that power, but obviously, I’ve fought other strong fighters as well. And despite him being a 160-pounder with respectable power, it’s nothing out of this world.

I showed him the first fight that I can take his punches, and simply that. He’s a respectable puncher with respectable power, but nothing out of this world.

I feel well, and I don’t think the year off will affect me at all. So I feel good. The most I’ve lasted usually from September to May, which is about nine months. So I think three additional months is nothing. I stay training, and I stay active, and it’s not going to affect me for this fight on September 15.



GARY SULLIVAN: I can’t wait. I’m really excited about this fight—my first time-fighting in Vegas. Excited about the whole event, and my training is going really well. Got some excellent sparring partners. Saunders recommended some sparring partners that he used in preparation for Lemieux, so I’ve been using those guys and feeling really good.

Firstly, nothing personal against Mr. Lemieux. I think it will be a good night for me, and I’m not really concerned about Lemieux. I’m looking at the bigger picture. I’m looking at Golovkin-Canelo, ringside to watch after I beat Lemieux, and I can’t wait for those guys.

I think he’s a one-trick pony. He does the same thing over and over again in all his fights, all the fights I’ve watched. He’s just doing the same thing over and over and over again. So, you know what’s going to becoming.

“I’m going to steal the show spectacularly, and I’m going to obliterate Lemieux absolutely.”


DAVID LEMIEUX: I’m the favorite. Everybody knows that, and there have been some surveys done on the Internet, and all of them point out to me. So I think I know what to expect.

I’m going to fight Canelo first, and then I’m going to get my revenge versus GGG — after Gary O’Sullivan.

I think Spike resembles a Curtis Stevens style, but I think he’s less of a boxer than Steven was. Maybe a little more of a puncher, Steven. I didn’t see much of his punches. Maybe he’s a bit harder of a puncher.

But I’m not really worried. I’m the hardest puncher in the ring on September 15, so I’m very confident in my abilities and everything I’m going to bring. So I’m concerned about absolutely nothing. All the skeptics, you know, that say, oh, is Lemieux going to come back. Well, I’m going to show you all in September.