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Deontay Wilder reacts to Eddie Hearn doubting the Tyson Fury fight

During an appearance on Sirius XM Boxing Radio, Wilder outlined his desire to be done with the failure to agree terms with Eddie Hearn after being asked for his final thoughts on the events.

Asked how jealous he thinks Eddie Hearn is after he was saying he doesn’t even believe the fight with Fury is going to happen until he sees it,” Wilder said: “Man poor Eddie-Weddie. Man you know I mean you’ve got to think it’s come from him and he’s a grown man.

“But he was living in the fantasy world like he was a grown little kid. You know all the manipulation and the lies and the contradictions but they are so old that I don’t want to bring that up.

“When you think about the past, You bring up the old feelings and those feelings that I have. It wasn’t anything and it wasn’t comfortable for me. You know they did a lot of things to try to mess up the sport.

“This sport is a great sport. You know when people thought it was a great thing that it was good, now is backfiring on them and everyone as well you should see the people over there. Everyone is WOKEN.

“They understand and they know what’s going on. They tell us no one likes Eddie over there. But then when he talked about you know like all types of ways for him everybody has woken you know to all this. This is the saga that we had. You know it took four months for these guys. Four months and they could have said I don’t want to fight.

“If you don’t want to fight you just said it is still trying to come up with every narrative trying to come up with every line. Every time we reach the goal post they want a move. like this so we can move on.

“You know those times you would be to have some type of TV or stuff like that. But like I said that’s in the past. I know Eddie is playing the pilot can he get into some black magic or something and some voodoo doll. He doesn’t want the fight to happen.

“But (eventually when they accept, and) after the fight, there will be one champion, one face, one name, and his name will be Deontay Wilder,” he added.

Listen to Deontay Wilder on Eddie Hearn here:

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