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Home » Meat-free Canelo ADMITS MISTAKE he vows NEVER TO REPEAT


The Mexican superstar will be eligible to box again from August 17 having served out a six-month ban for what Canelo blamed as tainted meat eaten from his native country.

With a rematch against Gennady Golovkin already set following the delay, Canelo has vowed never to repeat the mistake, having recently become vegetarian.

“I do not want to involve anyone else, really this was a mistake that I made by not reading about this, about this issue, about the serious issue that Mexico has with the meat,’ Canelo told ESPN Deportes. “But I did not do anything intentionally, I did not do anything to try to improve my performance, I would never do something like that.

“‘It was a mistake and nothing more. I did not educate myself about this problem in Mexico. It was my mistake and I will not repeat it.

“After what happened to me, I’ve taken a lot of precautions. Really, too many precautions, I think extreme. To the extreme of not eating meat, I walked away from meat.

“Meat in the United States is different, I can eat it without problems, because over here there is more control over the meat, but I really want to get used to not eating it, because most of the time I’m in Mexico and I walked away from it, I totally walked away from meat.”

Golovkin and Canelo have distanced themselves from each other during the build-up as the top middleweights prepare to trade blows again on September 15 in Las Vegas.

‘GGG’ is a stronger favorite to win, having seemingly won the first bout despite judges scoring a draw, whilst there are some backing Canelo for the upset after gaining another year to fully acclimatize to the weight.