WATCH: President Trump says, ‘he’s thinking about Muhammad Ali’ following Jack Johnson pardon

Donald Trump


Donald J. Trump, current President of the United States, says he’s considering a pardon for Muhammad Ali in the near future. 

Trump recently spent time with Sylvester Stallone, Deontay Wilder and Lennox Lewis in Washington as he confirmed a pardon for ex-heavyweight champion Jack Johnson – and could now do similar for Ali.

In 1967, Ali was charged with draft-dodging after failing to enlist for the Vietnam War and spent three years out of the ring despite avoiding jail time.

Two years on from Ali’s death, Trump is now considering a posthumous wiping of the slate as the former Apprentice TV star continues his campaign on boxing royalty.

Ali made a successful comeback from his exile, winning the world title two more times before retiring in the 1980’s

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