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Home » Barry Tompkins talks up Mike Lee’s heavyweight title chances ahead of return

Barry Tompkins talks up Mike Lee’s heavyweight title chances ahead of return

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Tompkins, who has been calling the biggest fights in the world for nearly 40 years, has seen his share of fighters, but not many with the versatility of a fighter who could be speaking to corporate America one day, and competing at a championship level in the ring…. the very next day.

“This fight will be a nice little test for Lee. This is something that he has been striving for a long time, and I will be happy to see him get that chance that he has been wanting. It is a real opportunity for him to show himself as one of the great fighters around,” said Tompkins.

Lee, who is one of a real select few that is able to give motivational speeches to Fortunate-500 companies, is a national spokesperson for major cooperation’s, and be a world class fighter all wrapped up in one.

Lee, who is holds a finance degree from Notre Dame, spends time and money for kids diagnosed with terminal cancer, so he is always fighting for a higher cause

“He is a very sellable guy whether he fights or not, and that’s the thing. He has the opportunity to be a real spokesman, not only for himself but for the sport of boxing in general. He is that in general He can really fill a room and he is excellent at dealing with all walks of life and all generations of people. I haven’t been around too many that can do that.

“Sugar” Ray Leonard comes to mind who can do that. Leonard has a very galvanizing personality, and Mike has a lot of that in him. He is very good spokesperson for the sport.”

With a win on Friday night, Lee could be just a fight or two away for fighting for a coveted world championship.

“I know that is something he has looked forward to. I am in favor of him getting an opportunity. His record says that he is worthy of an opportunity.”