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Fight Night Live hailed a success following 1.5m views in the first year

The fan-friendly series that – among other aspects – prides itself on the real-time conversations held between fight commentators and the viewing audience has showcased more than 300 fighters during 17 live event broadcasts in its first 12 months.

In doing so, the interactive platform has generated the loyal interest of fight fans from across the United States and around the globe, including significant audiences in Mexico, the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, and even fans in South America, Asia and Australia.

“We are extremely proud of what FIGHTNIGHT LIVE has accomplished since May 2017. We’ve had 17 shows originating from New York, Boston, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, New England, Phoenix and America’s Heartland, where many different promotions gained an incredible amount of exposure via this exciting, truly social platform.

To be able to have several events where more than 150,000 people have tuned in only scratches the surface on the market interest for these events, and we are ready to take FIGHTNIGHT LIVE to the next level in year two,” said Mark Fratto, Principal and Director of Business Development, Linacre Media.

“Beyond the numbers, we’re really pleased with the way the shows have been presented and produced,” Fratto continued. “We’ve been able to showcase more than 300 up-and-coming fighters to fight fans all over the world, and help them expand their bases. And we’ve been able to invite our viewers to be part of the action by fostering real-time interaction between our broadcasters and viewers on the fight activity, the decisions and the knockouts; it’s the next-best thing to having a ringside seat.”

Now at more than 1.4 million views for the series, FIGHTNIGHT LIVE has continued to deliver impressive numbers throughout its rookie season, which has already included seven live shows in the first five months of 2018:

Over the first 11 months of programming, the numbers on the 17-show FIGHTNIGHT LIVE series have showed promise and potential for the new platform with an average of 83,714 fight fans tuning in per event and more than 1.4 million fans served.

The Sept. 9 “Real Deal Promotions: Empire State” from Resorts World Casino (225,000), the August CES “Super Saturday” from Foxwoods (203,000), the Sept. CES “Twin River Twinbill” from Lincoln, R.I. (157,000) and the March 17 Murphy’s “St. Patrick’s Day Clash” (150,001) all logged 150,000 or more views, and collectively the 17-show series has seen a total of more than 30,000 total hours of Facebook video consumed by 1,423,132 users across all devices.

In addition to the raw viewership numbers, the fully-interactive, fan-friendly productions have seen more than 173,000 collective live post engagements (more than 10,200 per show), including more than 116,000 “likes” or “loves,” almost 30,000 comments and nearly 10,000 shares.

FIGHTNIGHT LIVE broadcasts are viewed by 76 percent men, 24 percent women. The top demographic is comprised of males ages 25-34, which encompasses approximately 30.0 percent of the audience, on average.

The Sept. 9 “Real Deal Promotions: Empire State” set a new bar with 224,658 views and the Sept. 15-16 DiBella-CES doubleheader carried the series to three-quarters-of-a-million views in just over four months. TheFeb. 10 Hard-Hitting Promotions “Philly Fight Night” show stands out individually with 3,421 live hours of content viewed, while the Sept. 15 DiBella card saw more than 40,000 viewer interactions including almost 39,000 “likes” or “loves” and the March 17 Murphy’s “St. Patrick’s Day Clash” set a new high-water mark for shares with 2,182.

The FIGHTNIGHT LIVE page on Facebook has more than 80,000 fans and more than 83,000 followers. And Facebook itself has taken notice – the world’s No. 1 social network recently profiled FIGHTNIGHT LIVE on its “Success Stories” media blog, noting the series’ use of industry best practices for production and interactivity: