WATCH: Eric Molina elaborates further on failed test, takes responsibility for anti-inflammatory

Heavyweight contender Eric Molina is not happy at his treatment following a UK Anti-Doping suspension for a failed test after his fight with Anthony Joshua. 

Molina gave his initial reaction to World Boxing News just minutes after the story broke, stating the cause of the adverse finding and outlining his shock at the length of the ban.

The 36 year-old said: “Listen, the test was two years ago and now I want to bring some stuff to light,” Molina exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’m banned for an anti-inflammatory that was found in my system from a B12 shot which was proven to have no PED effect on my system.

“This is my first offense of any substance. It’s an anti-inflammatory and I’m given a two-year ban?

“This makes no sense and this is what is wrong with boxing.

“This was always funny to me when I have heard of fighters all over the world that have been caught using an actual steroid (or Clenbuterol – a steroid-type) and have been suspended months for three to six months.

“I have never used a PED (performance enhancing drug) and to be given the max penalty is just flat out dumb.

“Fighters that have been caught two or three times with actual steroids in their system and have been given months out. As I said, this is exactly what is wrong with boxing.”

In a video statement, the ‘Drummer Boy’ has gone further by naming the banned substance as Tribedoce DX, which contains Dexamethasone, which was cited by UKAD for their punishment.

Explaining that he’d already divulged he took the anti-inflammatory (Tribedoce DX) on the day of the fight, it’s hard to fathom why it’s taken UKAD seventeen months to pass sentence.

Two years seems hard for Molina when all cards were laid on the table and he was allowed to fight Joshua and two more opponents since, with an appeal set to follow in the coming days and weeks.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay