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Home » Isaac Macleod eyes Ultimate Boxxer win before targetting Josh Kelly

Isaac Macleod eyes Ultimate Boxxer win before targetting Josh Kelly

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The Sunderland welterweight has made jaws drop with his dazzling skills since turning pro with Eddie Hearn after the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Kelly has won all six fights – and future opponents could include Isaac Macleod.

Macleod and Kelly have known each other since they were amateurs at Sunderland ABC and this week, Macleod steps into the spotlight.

The 23 year old competes in ‘Ultimate Boxxer’ at Manchester Arena and says winning the crash, bang, wallop tournament on 5 Spike will keep him on course for a clash with Kelly.

“That fight could definitely happen further down the line,” said Macleod, himself a former European Junior champion and World Junior silver medallist in the amateurs.

“I sparred Josh plenty of times and know he is a good lad.

“If we both keep winning, I’m sure our paths will cross at some point.

“I’ve just to raise my profile and winning ‘UItimate Boxxer’ live on television will be a good way to start.

“If I make a name for myself and win titles and Josh makes a name for himself and wins titles, there’s every chance we could fight.

“That would be a great fight for the North East further down the line.”

On Friday night, Macleod meets Andy Kremner in arguably the pick of the quarter finals.

Both are 9-0 – and Macleod oozes confidence ahead of the three-round fight.

“With the ability I’ve got, I can beat anyone in the competition,” he said.

“Being live on television makes it even better for me when I win.

“Everyone wants the money, but it’s also about the exposure and getting closer to being on the big shows.”

The quarter finals of Ultimate Boxxer are shown live on the internet on UniLad from 7.15pm and 5 Spike screen the semi finals and final from 9.0pm.