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Home » Exclusive: Kieran Farrell talks busy 2017 ahead of June 22 event

Exclusive: Kieran Farrell talks busy 2017 ahead of June 22 event

Farrell had a successful last show at Village Hotel in Bury, next in line is the Middleton Area in June. He told WBN of a busy 2017 which gave him a new perspective.

“Last year I put 10 shows on around the UK, I had a show in Belfast, Yorkshire, Blackpool, Chesters, Middleton Area, Bowlers, stuff like that. We were dead busy last year and this time instead of going for quantity, we’re going for quality,” Farrell told World Boxing News.

Off the success of his last show, Farrell revealed the next show including an area title fight.

“We had a really good show in the Village Hotel in Bury on the 16th February – the day before Groves vs. Eubank, that went really well and we’ve announced this show now with Darryl Sharp fighting for another area title at super middleweight.”

Farrell explained his excitement for two boxers to meet where non-stop action can be expected.

“I’m buzzing because Darryl, he boxes on the road, week to week, he’s in close decisions and for him to get an area title shot at super middleweight – I’m dead chuffed. He’s got Harry Matthews in the opposite corner, another guy who fights on the road, he fought Jamie Cox recently, he’s a good fighter Harry Matthews. You know between the pair of them all you can expect is a war.”

Farrell also praised the two boxers as the pride of winning the belt becomes the priority.

“Regarding money and stuff like that, they’re not going to be fighting for the money, they’re going to be fighting for the pride and to hold the belts over their heads.

“It’s one of those throwback fights where you’ve got two lads and its not about the money, they just go in there and you could say to either of them ‘you aren’t going to get paid but you’re going to get the title’ and they’d both be on it because its fighting for a title and that’s what its for on the 22nd June,” he added.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller